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    Man eats forgets, dog eats and follow us

    When we serve food to the human beings they may feel happy for that time for having served the sumptuous food and after that they would forget. But when we feed the dog, it would be ever grateful to our gesture and be obedient to us for all the time. And after eating the human being has the tendency to pass remarks on the quality of the food served, but a dog can be ever grateful even with some biscuits thrown to it. And the animal never complaints but only complements by wagging the tail. What is your observation?
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    That is the difference between the humans and animals. Animals are loyal while humans are not. Animals do not have a higher level of consciousness to inculcate the traits like cleverness, greediness, cheating, backbiting, remembering the bad done to them, showing off, faking, and many other vices. So they are free of planning something wrong for others or hatching an evil plan. Humans have all sort of consciousness and resources to do all such maters which are backed by sheer cunningness and feelings of revenge and letting down. That is why the world of humans is so complex and so difficult to decipher.
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    Animals which cannot speak in human language, but are able to understand. Whose debt he pays by loyalty to us. Every animal definitely understands the language of love. Then whether it is a wild animal living in the forest or living in our homes or roaming around on the streets. There are many people in the world who love animals very much. They have no expectations from animals but are automatically filled with compassion and passion. Every living creature on the earth, whether it is a human being or an animal, is fascinated by love, gusto, and compassion, when we give love with true fellings, we also get love in return.
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    Being an animal lover and experience of having pets I can firmly say that these living beings are the real loyal fellows and there is no comparison of them with the normal human beings. These animals are really very selfless and innocent.
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    Your said:
    Statement 1: Man eats, forgets
    Statement 2: Dog eats and follows us
    Result: Man is worse than dog in loyalty.

    This comparison is a bit objectionable and seems to be awkward. Man is a mixture of different qualities whereas dog has fixed qualities. It does not have any control over his qualities whether positive or negative (e.g Dog is not loyal to its own community)
    and Man is free to choose what is good for him and act what it suits him according to different situations and circusmtances.

    All animals have innate qualities and they act accordingly e.g monkey, you feed it but it always gibber and screech. It will not show any gratitude to you. It will snatch food even from its baby.

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    What I meant that while man is disobedient and selfish motive the dog is obedient and close follower.
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    Animals are generally loyal. Animals will have only limited needs and food is their main requirement and when you give food to them, they are satisfied. Dogs are supposed to be very faithful of all the animals. It will never ditch its boss.
    But a human being is having many needs. Among his wishes, food will never be on the top of the list. A human being is having a brain and he can think better than many other living species. So he thinks that donating food to someone needy is human and it is not that great.
    If you adopt an animal it will be loyal to you and it will be faithful to you if you feed him properly. It will never ask you a part in your assets. But if you adapt to a human being you have to take care of him in all respects and finally, you have to give him a part in your assets also.

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    The thread raised by the author is really good and has a deep meaning attached to it. The reason for animals being loyal and humans being selfish is hidden in simply two words - Need and greed.

    Humans are driven by greed while animals by need. An animal never dishonors or misuses the resources it gets, it remains grateful and humble throughout its life and pays back even with life if needed. Humans on the other hand are greedy, selfish, and have no control over his/her desires. Humans are plundering natural resources, killing the natural habitat, animals, birds, destroying the atmosphere just for satisfying their own selfish greed.

    Even if we do not compare humans with animals, then among humans too we will see, those who work for need are the most hardworking and honest while those working for greed are the most corrupt and dishonest.

    There is life in all forms of animals, humans, and plants but it is the humans who have gone rogue and have lost sense of where to apply the great intelligence it has been gifted with. That is why there is a divide among humans and they keep fighting each other not knowing what exactly they are here for.

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