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    Take out time to express yourself as the very next moment can be the last.

    One must take out time to express his thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc., and not hold them back as we never know which moment can be the last one, either for us or for the other.

    This has struck me hard as I got very bad news today morning that my milkman met with an accident and expired yesterday evening. He was a good and caring person who talked very politely. He never rang my doorbell taking due care that my child must be sleeping. I always knew when he would come to deliver milk and used to open the gate immediately.

    This news brought back one of my old experience where I made the mistake of not talking and sharing my expression with an economics professor I knew. I had a lot of questions and things that I wanted to ask the professor but never took out time to discuss it with him as I always delayed it thinking one day I will go to his home and discuss everything. That day bever came and news of a road accident came, he was no more. He was young and inspirational and I missed spending time with him and there is a pang of guilt within that I should have expressed myself when I could have.

    I have learnt a hard lesson that never delay expressing yourself as any moment can be the last moment for either you or the other person. Time is ticking, make the most of it. Express your feelings, emotions, thoughts for your elders, teachers, colleagues, friends and everyone who is connected directly or indirectly with you. Do it now!
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    Very good advice given by the author. There is awareness inside our mind, which is also called consciousness. Everything is appearing inside that consciousness. Sometimes we should express some thoughts at the same time, otherwise, later time will pass and that idea or question remains confined to us. The expression of ideas needs to be correct otherwise the thoughts or questions will not be of any value. It is considered best to seek solutions by expressing your feelings, just ensure that your thoughts or feelings did not arise with the intention of hurting someone else.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    It is a thought provoking article where in he has advised that any problem lingering in the mind should be sorted out without making any delay with a knowledgeable person. This should not be kept confined for long thinking the next day would be the best day for the discussion and such a moment might not resurface for some reason or the other. In that the delay costs dearly. Once there is any unfortunate incident such as transfer of the gentle man or otherwise, the thoughts to resolve the same with the man would not take place anymore.
    Though it seems a very simple problem but the effect of the same may be pinching some and sometimes irreparable.

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    It is true that we do not foresee our future and in that confidence avoid or delay things to be undertaken at a later stage. If we know that anything adverse can be there next moment we would not delay things.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes. Nothing is certain in this world. We don't know what will be our last minute. It may be now also. So we should not postpone things and we should do what we wanted to do. If you want to thank somebody for their good gesture thank them then and there. You may not get a chance again to thank them.
    My uncle is very close to me. He came and seen me when I was in the hospital for treatment of my broken leg in a car accident. He wished me a speedy recovery and went back. I want to visit and say thanks to him after I got relieved from the hospital and once I was able to move. But my uncle expired due to some sudden problem before I came out of the hospital. That is the irony of life.
    Even though we have something to be expressed before somebody we may not be doing the same for various reasons. But that is not good and it is better to complete the task as early as possible so that we are relieved.

    always confident

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    When the life seems to be very uncertain we should not conceal any information and that would not only spell doom for the same person and also on his dependents. One Bengali person was having the secret of chemical fumigation to be treated on the books to get rid of brittleness and save the books from silver fish attack. His concept was innovative and it worked wonders on libraries which were situated in red soil areas where the menace of silver fish is more and books cannot sustain the onslaught. He was fifty years old and doing wonderful business roaming on the car and attending all his library customers on tour. But his formulations and secrets never revealed even to his wife or adopted son. Thus when he died the business also died with him and the family was left in lurch without alternative source of income.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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