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    Our Music Club- politically motivated but culturally activated.

    This is the story of a Music Club that was initiated as a college election stunt but subsequently grew up to be a great platform for budding musicians among students.

    It was election time in our college and a friend of mine was contesting the election for the post of Arts Club Secretary. It was our second year in college and by that time my friend had already established his presence in the cultural activities in the college. Himself a very good singer and adept in playing the violin, he could easily gather a lot many admirers, especially the girl students. But since the other panel was stronger, he could not just rest on his laurels and had to prove himself to be a good organizer too.

    Prasad woke up that morning beaming with excitement. It was almost a 'eureka' mood for him. I was sitting on the bed with the newspaper in my hand when he suddenly got up and said, 'Bhai (that is how we used to address each other), I have got an idea. How about starting a Music club at our college?' That appeared to be a good idea and we all agreed.

    The time available was less and we had to move fast. The decision was taken at about six in the morning and by 10'oclock the notice was ready. I was surprised to see that I have been named the secretary of the club. The advantage they expected by handing over the realms to me was that they believed I could influence students supporting other panels to vote for my friend as a personal gesture.

    The inauguration of the club was fixed at 4 PM the same day and the surprise was that it was to be inaugurated by a well-known playback singer who was the relative of another close friend of ours. The notice was distributed to all the students and we personally requested all of them to be present at the open auditorium of our college on time. The inauguration went on well and our guest made it special by rendering a hit song sung by him.

    But that was not enough. We had to show that we were serious about the whole thing and so announced a music competition the next week, that is, just a few days before the election. Luck was on our side because our Principal was also a musically inclined person. He promised us all support and even allotted a grant to kick-start the functions of the club.

    To our surprise, we had lot many students registering for the event and we had to stretch the competition to two days to accommodate all. Prasad was busy with his campaign and I had to oversee the preparations for the competition. But Prasad made it a point to involve in the activities by being present during the rehearsals and coming up with new ideas. With special permission from the Principal, the participants were allowed to skip classes to practice for the event. He even allowed us to be at the premises after college hours for practice and for making other arrangements.

    The competition went on well and so did the election. Our music club also emerged a winner because the interest of the students in our activities forced us, in a way, to continue functioning as the cultural face of our college and all cultural activities in the college came to be held under the banner of our club which by then had a majority of students as members.

    We left our college after graduation but I understand that the music club that we started, though with a political motive, is still active in our college with the same pride and enthusiasm.

    Entry for the Innovative College campus Clubs- creative writing contest
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    Many students have interest in music and that is perhaps the reason of success of that particular club. It was a good idea to form a music club as that is the most common thing across the campuses in our country and music is a choice and hobby of many.
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    Many students will have good interest in music. Music is very inspiring even to children also. So the idea of starting a music club in the college helped the student to win the elections. We should appreciate the person for getting that idea at the correct time. Music is very popular among ladies and they will also get attracted to music easily. That factor might have helped in winning.
    A good write up from the author.

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    Very good post from the lead editor and I was totally impressed by the Music club which was actually created for the political purpose but grown as the cultural importance to later date. The strong reason being every one loves the music and students are die hard fans of music and some of them either learn or play one instrument or the other and thus connected to such clubs whole hearted making it further more important than their academic studies. And music brings close boding between both sex and that connectivity cannot be forgotten.
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    It is said that music is the divine nectar of our lives and it is one thing that keeps a person engaged for lifetime. Conceiving a music club during college days is an interesting activity and specially if the club can be used as a platform to showcase the talents of the students, it becomes an added attraction for the music lovers and music appreciators both equally. A good depiction on campus extra curricular activities.
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