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    My experience with "Helping Hand"

    As generally in every school total strength of students is divided into houses, our school was also divided into four houses- Red, Green, Yellow and Blue. Furthermore, there were sub groups for various extracurricular activities too. I had no intention to organize any group or club for any specific purpose but one incident generated a strong feelings and will to establish a club encompassing some of my close friends and colleagues. Background of the entire story is that we're 5 classmates who were bosom friends- Komal, Raghav, Arjun, Sunny and me. All of us were active in games and other extracurricular activities instead of study, however, we're not weak students, reality was that we're not interested to have a label of bookish type of students. Honestly, we're a happy-go-lucky group.

    We had passed first year of our intermediate examinations and school was going to be closed for summer vacation in next month. One day, Sunny who was the most brilliant among us received a call that his father had died. It was a shocking news for all of us. Sunny's father was a very nice person. He considered us as his own sons. Sunny went his home town, Bareilly which is approximately 300 km from Lucknow where we live and our school is located too. Since summer vacation was about to start so Sunny did not come back, soon the school was closed .
    My elder brother is in Nainital, so I went there. I visited Chandigarh too where my uncles lives. How fast time runs, sometimes, we fail to realize it.

    When the school was reopened for the next session. We all friends and classmates were happy to meet again, but Sunny did not join school. We were missing him. In evening I called him to know if he was well. He told me that he was not able to come due to personal reasons and would be coming next week.

    But when he came he told us that he would not study further, it literally shocked us. When we asked him reason he went off on a tangent. Perhaps he was hesitant to tell us the reason. I took him to canteen and insisted him to tell me the reason and he revealed that financial condition of his family had become too weak to afford expenses on his his education after the demise of his father. I was worried for him. All of a sudden a thought came in my mind and I put it before other friends if we could bear his expenses collectively and they consented to help him but we knew that Sunny wouldn't accept it. I was thinking how to socour him without realising him that we were helping him. An idea came in my mind which all my friends approved happily. And I and Arjun went to Principal's room and what had happened with Sunny brought him in his cognizance and put our proposal before him. "Sir, we would pay tuition and hostel fee of Sunny but you are requested not to disclose it to him. You may say to him that school management has waived off his total fee."

    The principal was surprised to know this unique request to him. He kept mum for a moment and told us that he would reply us later. I asked Sunny to stay with me for a day or two. Next day when I reached school, the peon came and informed me that principal sir was calling me. I went to his room. He told me that seeing our intention for a good cause management would waive off Sunny's total fee for that year. When Sunny came to know about it he was extremely happy. He began to cry. All of us were happy too.

    This incident inspired me to organize a charity club which could help those boys and girls who were not able to study because of financial problems. I apprised my friends what I was thinking about and they approved my proposal and thus we collectively organized a club "Helping Hand".

    We required chunk of money for our club, so we were looking for such magnanimous people who could open their hands with monetary support for our club. We contacted the people and surprisingly we got positive response from them. Several new people became members of " Helping Hand". Then we decided to divide our responsibilities as members for this great cause. Initially, President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer were elected in a friendly way. Thus, we could help several poor students.
    When we passed Intermediate. We were given special award by Chairman Sir and He appreciated us for our efforts. It was a great honour for all of us. We were extremely pleased.
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    A very nice and inspiring narration from the author. With small contributions, the life of a student was changed. It is very heartening to see that students studying in intermediate are able to think about the well being of their friends. We all think the students in intermediate will not get the maturity and they can't think. But I think it is a wrong notion, Even children can also think and act very generously.
    The idea of starting a club with the name Helping Hand is very great. We should also appreciate the support of the principal who managed to get fees waiver for a poor student. The concept the club is very good and at least such club can help one student every year, we can say that the club is doing a very good service.

    always confident

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