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    Does God Answer Our Prayers?

    When we worship God, a belief arises in our mind that after this worship any special desire will be fulfilled, but for some time it is not fulfilled, then our faith starts to waver. Along with our faith, devotion also seems to be lacking in our devotion. In such a situation we are advised to maintain our faith in God because lack of faith will not allow your desire to be fulfilled.

    Members, what do you believe, what matters more, devotion to God which includes constant prayer and worship, or only one belief is the ultimate power of God and will fulfill all our desires.
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    When we pray God then we should actually do it for the purpose of our own calm and solace and not for any return. If we are doing it for some return then the whole concept of God is negated. I think many people are doing this error in praying that they expect something in lieu of that. Prayer should be done selflessly and if possible for the prosperity of others. There should not be a selfish element in prayers.
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    It is not correct to think by praying God all our wishes will be fulfilled. If that is the case we all will do only praying. The rest will be taken care of by God. It is not a business that we pray to God and give Him some fruits and flowers, in return He will make you rich. It is a wrong concept.
    In fact, we should pray to God keeping some wish in our mind. As told in Gita, we have to perform our duty and the result will follow and never expect the result to be as you expected. Even God also will not help people who are not doing their Karma,
    So believe God and pray for universal peace and harmony. Try your work in your own way and the due result will follow. Let us not change our faiths based on the materialistic benefits in this world. You put a lot of money in the Hundi of God but it will be utilised by the people concerned only the way they wanted. But we should not stop donating as it is being used for some good work only.

    always confident

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    The trust and belief in God would bring the instant connectivity with the devotee and that can be single praying, group praying or someone prays for your well being. God always test our patience and how far we can withstand the challenging period would be given the big time to realize and by time some would loose the faith in God and they even start abusing God for not favoring. Once a devotee wanted a big favor from God and even readied to break 108 coconuts as advance thanks giving act from him. He was breaking one after the other and was having immense faith in God and breaking the coconuts into pieces by banging them on the ground. As he reached 100 coconuts he was running restless and felt that only 8 coconuts are left and yet to hear positive note from the God. As be proceeded further slowly, he reached the 106th number and was very angry with God and even 107th coconut was broken and he lost the mental balance and finally having not got any favor the last coconut was broken on the statue itself and the God appeared to give him the boon. That means the task has to be completed to expect the results.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are the artists in a drama produced and directed by God. Our character and the role to play is predetermined and allotted. This is what I call as fate written on our pate. Nothing can be deleted, erased or altered. "Joh hone kaa hai O jaroor Hogaa". Whatever has to happen will certainly happen. It could be good or worst. There is no escape route. Leave it to God.

    But never forget to thank Him twice in a day. Once when we rise from the bed, and the other when we go to bed to rest for the day. Take his name without any expectation from Him.

    No life without Sun

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    Rightly said by Sun that we should be ever thankful to God for this life and we have to thank him daily two times for saving us the whole day and we are duty bound to say prayers without expecting any benefit.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We all derive power and support from the almighty because we find ourselves weak and meek in this wild nature and tough world. The concept of God was evolved by our ancestors to support the ailing and troubled humanity in a larger perspective. The belief is simply the root of all the faiths and the communication between us and God is one sided. Some of us might be luckier to feel His existence but most of us are the mediocre persons asking for favours from Him every day and praying and worshipping Him desperately. It is also believed and many scholars have propounded this thought that God also is selective in helping the people and helps only those who are hard working and serious and sincere in their works. God does not help simply on praying basis and supporting activities of a person should convince God that the person is serious and sincere. It is also said that if we help the poor and downtrodden, work honestly, and be a gentle person then only God might consider us a case worth of merit for His blessings.
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