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    Command over the subject is essential for better performance

    We are living in a situation where there is very high competition in almost all fields.

    The population is increasing and many students are getting qualified and searching for jobs. But the jobs are not increasing in the proportion in which the population is increasing. So, the unemployment problem is increasing.

    There are very good companies coming up and providing job opportunities to the students who are able to show good talent in the screening tests, group discussions and interviews.

    Students who are having a very good command over the subject are able to fare well in screening tests. In addition to that soft skills will also help them to get good jobs.

    These days getting a degree with good percentage alone is not sufficient to get a job. One should master the subject and also concentrate on acquiring the required soft skills. Such students need not worry about obtaining a placement and also need not worry about job security. I advise the students to concentrate on their studies so that they can get good placements.

    Command over the subject is essential for better performance. This will help the person to perform well in the job and will have better chances to grow fast in the career also.

    This is my entry for the contest
    Topic based TOW contest for Oct '20 month end- Topic- 'Command'
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    It is very true that one should be capable and should have a good knowledge in his core field so that one can guide and direct the people under oneself in one's team in a correct and productive direction. At the same time knowledge and proficiency in the subject is an essential quality that people should have in them if they want to perform in the best possible ways.
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    The author is absolutely right. In an ideal world, all students get good benefits from learning every year, this process of teaching and learning continues throughout life. In such a situation, it is very important to have a stronghold and command on any one or more subjects. When a person completes his or her studies with a particular branch, there is an expectation from the society and the employment-giving institution, etc. that the knowledge in that particular field is correct and sufficient. So it would be good when we keep knowledge about all subjects in some ways but it would be better to keep a sharp knowledge of your core field.
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    This is well said by the author. Being a teacher, he or she has to go well prepared and should not refer the books while teaching and that would become fun in front of the students and the flow of teaching would be obstructed. Instead if the teacher practices the command over the subject, she can always say the teaching with so many examples, stories and even the branch subjects. This way the teaching experience would improve and the students are better informed about everything of the subject. And those who are have good command are the most sought after teachers at the school and then as the tuition teacher.
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    It is very true that a person should have good proficiency in his subject or core subject as that is very much required in today's age of competition which is going to be tougher and tougher day by day. Ultimately what matters is the performance and for a good performance, a good knowledge of subject is mandatory. That is the reason that many people even after coming in a stable and good job continue their learnings in their field and go on adding new skills time to time. The scientific and technological advancements are happening at a great pace and one has to cope up with it to stand in the job or business.
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    As mentioned by the writer, only studying and getting good marks does not help to fetch placements in good company but Command over the subject is essential for better performance. When we know the core of the subject, we can face any interview and will be able to clean the screen-test that the companies have that qualifies us for the second round. When we are equipped with Command over the subject along with good soft-skills, we can crack any interview and any situation that arises in our work. When a student knows that work, he can find "N" number of ways to solve it and it will definitely work but when you just know one solution as you have just learned through books, you won't be able to get better solution and this will be a black mark for any professional. It is not that everything is learned through books but some come through experience and practical knowledge is equally important. So let us first get command over the subject which is very essential for better performance in the initial stage and through one's career.
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