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    Is there a single fellow in the "work from home" business who is honest?

    Day in and day out, the cheats send us thousands of emails. Somehow or the other, someone from somewhere is sharing some information. The cheats promise you and me the sky. Just pay Rs.1500 once and then every month you can earn anything between Rs.15,000 to Rs.30,000 per month.

    In fact, those who have been created in this "work from home" and "earn money through simple typing work" would run into several lakhs. It is surprising that vehicles such as Quickker also take their advertisements and make the people look like fools.

    Fortunately, a few smart friends had warned me about the dangerous games such cheats play. I had been guided properly and did not lose any money. However, horror stories abound in the social media.

    Perhaps the Government should formulate a scheme to arrest all these cheats and put them behind bars and also under the Goondas Act. If any Member is aware of any really good website, please provide details. However, am afraid there are none.
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    A good alert post by the author. These advertisements are most of the time misleading to the gullible public and people are getting in the trap of these cheats. There are genuine advertisements also there but it is very difficult to distinguish between the two. We have to be very careful in responding or attending to these misleading advertisements. They would lure the housewives like us also who are always interested in work from home advertisements.
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    True. Such advertisements are being flooded as SMS or emails and trying to tempt us. But actually, it is for their benefit but not for the benefits of us. Initially, I used to think that these are all real emails. But my sons were telling me that they are all fraud and I never even opened them. These days when we receive SMS alerts when we open the app will indicate that the SMS is a fraud SMS. That will be an alert to us. Every day we will be receiving 40 to 50 emails but even one mail from those mails will be useful to us.
    I don't whether we have any way to stop those emails. I will be deleting them from time to time so that sufficient space will be there in my account. Social media also we see many such posts which are not reliable and we should not take them as reliable and correct. A way should be there to stop such emails.

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    Work from home bill boards are pasted at the main notice boards, inside the buses and even at the public utilities to attract those who are more interested to make money through copy paste activities. In the name of seeing ads , sharing ads and writing comments to the posts are some of the activities to which the sites are promising to pay. But what is laughable thing is that they do ask advance caution deposit to be kept with them and that would be returned when your services turned off. But this is where many gets doubts about the very existence of such sites which thrives on the advances given by already unemployed persons and the amount paid for 50 copy paste activities is mere 20 rupees and less. And what is further fooling is that the same ads cannot be copy pasted again and new ads are not forth coming and thus the advance money which was snatched away has to be forgotten altogether.
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    Never ever get attracted by the advertisements where the party asks to deposit a sum initially through online traction. I can assure and say that such companies are fake and operated by fraudsters. We should be very careful. In the virtual site, No genuine company will ask for any initial deposit of money.

    A group of cheaters can operate to lure people. One would advertise, the others will post good comments about the earning from the site. The readers get lured by the reviews, and fall prey to lose their money. Initially, they would attract us by paying some sum to keep us in line. Later they would loot everything that you invest. Beware.

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