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    Who will bell the cat? Run your imaginative story on this topic

    In olden days this idiom was used by our ancestors and elders which means that who has the courage among the lot to do something tricky or dangerous. There may be certain situations in our life wherein others would be taking few steps backward and would not venture to attempt the task or work but you would have done it easily raising the eye brows of others. Can you write a imaginary story or the real life happening connecting to this idiom. And ISC can consider this as a contest, announce prize and be monitored by the editor so that this post gets the attention.
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    The author has chosen an interesting topic for the member's response as a story or happening and I have an incident that happened during our school days which I am sharing here.

    It was girls school in a remote hill town and our class teacher was very strict and shrewd and did not allow any mischief or notorious actions from us. At that time beating the students in the class openly was attributed as a quality of the teacher and we had those things time to time whenever we did something unpardonable. So whenever she came to take the class there used to be a pin drop silence. She taught us English and it was the 5th period that used to start after the interval. One day our 6th and 7th period was vacant due to unavailability of the teachers and we were told to go to playground after the 5th period and have a cricket practice. Our monitor told that 2 vacant periods were not sufficient for that and we could request the English teacher to free us so that we can rush to the playground after the 4th period itself and have enough time to get a few overs for all the girls in the class. So, everyone loudly endorsed it and then monitor was asked to talk to the teacher beforehand by going to the staff room and finding her there. The monitor told that she was already much angry with her and she was reluctant to go to her but told that she would accompany if someone went with her there for permission. At that instant every girl had a silent face and we were seeing each others faces as asking each other that who will bell the cat. Some girls indicated to my side that I was the one who had minimum beatings from her and the teacher also had some friendly attitude towards me. A fear gripped me and I outrightly rejected the proposition. But after a lot of pressure from the classmates I reluctantly proceeded to the staff room along with the monitor. When we reached there, we spotted her sitting in a corner reading some magazine and we stopped at the door and raised our hands as if to attract her attention but she did not bother and even after seeing us did not call us or gave any importance. We both were standing at the door and feeling a bit humiliated that one teacher saw us and asked what is the problem? Whom did we want to talk? My throat was already choked and dry but the monitor told that we wanted to talk to the English teacher. By that time she was probably irritated and stood up and came to us and started banging us that why we were there to unnecessarily disturb the faculty. None of us had any courage to talk and we stood as we had done a crime. Somehow she calmed down. She told that she knew about all the mischievous girls in the school and knew how to give them proper lesson so that they never repeated such things. We simply nodded and then stood like frozen statues. After a while she told in a cold voice that she knew why we had come to her and what was our request. We were surprised and amazed when without listening any word from us she told that she also thought that two vacant periods would not be sufficient and she was already thinking to make her period also free and then she told the monitor that you can go to the field after the 4th period itself. We bowed our head in great honour and ran back to the class.

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    That was very good story connected to the topic and the teacher need to be appreciated for total understanding of your proposal and yet agreed for free period.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    I was studying at Kakinada and doing my B.Sc. I have 4 brothers and 4 sisters. All of them were staying with our parents in our native place. I was staying in a village near Kakinada with my grandparents ( Mother's Parents). Whenever there was a vacation I used to go to our native place and used to spend time with my four brothers and 4 sisters. The last brother was a kid. We used to play together.
    My father was very strict. He never allowed us to go out without telling him. We have to tell him and get his permission to do anything. Even playing also as per the schedule only. We used to approach our mother for anything and she used to convince our father. Many times we used to follow this process only.
    During my B.Sc Second year, I came for January Vacations. A new cinema house is opened in a nearby town. Our brothers and sisters wanted to go and see the movie in that hall. We used to have horse carts those days to go to that town. But we have to get permission from our father. As usual, we asked our mother. She refused to go to my father as he told her last time not to come and mediate between him and the children. So, now the question is who will bell the cat. Only one sister is elder to me and the remaining are younger. My elder sister expressed her inability. So all started looking at me. I was silent. But all of them started convincing me saying that he may accept my proposal. Finally, it was decided that I should ask him. In the evening he came back from the office All of us were very silent and sitting with books in front of us. After half an hour once he started relaxing slowly I went to him and asked for his permission. I don't know what happened, he was in a good mood and immediately accepted our proposal and said that the next day he will take us and my mother also will come with us. Our happiness was having no boundaries. The next day we saw the movie in the new theatre.

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    In our house one bank officer was living as a tenant. My mother developed friendship with his wife who was a very nice lady and loved us as well as helped my mother many times in household things. We mixed up with their children and played together. We had a small compound around the house where we played and sometimes even went out in the lane to play cricket or things like that. They stayed in our house for 2-3 years but our interaction never happened with the bank officer who was a very reserved person and even if we tried to get close to him he never encouraged us and all the children were in fact had a little fear from him thinking that he may bang us if we did some mischief or some wrong thing in front of him. He never came out in festival times also and was always aloof and remained with only one or two friends who were close to him and they usually went to an officers club nearby. My father also did not have much acquaintance with him and always told that he was a strange fellow. During the Holi festival we decided to call the bank officer out and then planned to colour him thoroughly and wet him with our colour water filled buckets and wanted to make fun of him. My brother told that as soon as he comes out we all will attack him and then we will have good fun.

    On the fateful day, we all went there and called him to come out. His children were also with us and were laughing on the plight of their father. Everyone was enjoying but when he did not come out then I told my brother to go in and request him to come out. My brother was fearing and told me to go. I was also in the same boat and asked one other boy to go in and request him to come out. He also did not agree and finally we found that no one was ready to bell the cat. Meanwhile his wife came out and started laughing to see us waiting for him. We were disappointed and she told us that he does not like the colours and all other ill manners associated with it. She also told that if we promise her not to offend him she will call him. We were already feeling defeated and agreed as she told and soon he came with a big plate in his hand and lovingly and affectionately offered us sweets and very gracefully accepted our Holi greetings. Our plan failed miserably but we liked him.

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