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    Being in command is not a bed of roses

    Many people, when they look towards the other persons who are in command of some group or team or project, feel that it is easy to command and direct people under oneself to do things and if given an opportunity they would be doing things easily in the same way or even better than the existing managers. This is a big misconception in the minds of the people as commanding is not an easy task and a commander is in fact burdened with so many responsibilities and concerns that we cannot imagine about them sitting in our place. Actually, what we see him burdened with is like the tip of the iceberg as most of the things are hidden underneath the water.

    A commander or person in charge who is at the helm of the affairs is having a great responsibility towards the people under him and he has to take care of everyone, keep a watch on everyone, sometimes even bang them to work, motivate them, time to time award them and encourage, and many other things like that. So his life is not a bed of roses as some of us apparently visualise. He is doing his work under the boundaries as defined by the management above him. Management has nothing to bother as it wants productivity and output and desires that the person in command has to achieve it at any cost.

    So, we should understand the real position of a person in command and should not take it casually that his job is very easy and we or anyone can perform it more easily if appointed in his position.

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    True. As you go up in the ladder your responsibilities will increase and deliverables will be more. Planning your own work doing it is entirely different from planning and getting it executed by somebody else. These days we feel there are no jobs. But getting a correct person who is committed and works sincerely is also very difficult. The top management will recruit people and handover you. You have to command work from them. If you are very tough with the people they start complaining about you and if you are a little liberal they start taking advantage of you. Both ways it is difficult. This is true for the people who are in middle management positions. The commanding position will always give you authority but it will give you responsibilities also. It is your soft skills which come in handy to be successful in such a position. Taskmasters will shine in these commanding positions. A stick in the hand but rarely using it may make you successful when you are in a commanding position.
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    Well said by the author, for any person holding a commanding position, he only knows the draw backs and disadvantages and for others they simply thinks that he is enjoying the position at the cost of people suffering or others loses. The commanding person has to see the welfare of all the sects and sections and there cannot be selective moves to support some one or some sect and in this regard there could be severe criticism for not initiating any action. Sometimes the commanding person unable to get the right feed back on taking actions and that is considered his inability to act in time. Many a time important orders are put on hold because there is no cooperation from the down under nor his subordinates working with tandem and that proves that his team mates should be syncing with working style
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    The author is correct. It is a big task by anyone to give commands to other people and then to be alert about whether all the work is being done according to the command. Many times the situation comes that people become careless about their responsibilities and at such times a commander must motivate such people so that the operation of the work continues properly. The task of the commander is not only to deliver the command but it is also necessary to ensure that the command must be given at the right time and to the right person.
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    Very true and well said as it is often considered or calculated that "being in command is a bed of roses" but it is not. When I was working as a floor supervisor in the mechanical seal company, the workers always felt that the work of the supervisor is only to give the command and see that he gets the output. I had to constantly liaise between the workers, superior, management, sales agent and the client. I had to go through every order, its timeframe, due date, production problems, unit problems, work tiffs, etc which would be very hectic and the worker would never understand. I left the job for a better opportunity but am in touch with my workers. One worker who too changed his job and now working as a supervisor in another manufacturing unit happen to give me a call and them in conversation happen to tell me that, your work was really difficult. Now, as I am working as a supervisor, I can understand the load you had in handling every situation, your commanding nature, your calmness at times, your understanding and at times strictness. It is not tall easy to keep everyone happy but you were just awesome that you never wore the shoe of our supervisor but were just like a friend and we always liked working with you. The post just took me back to the old days that I enjoyed with them. Let us try to understand that the more top position one is in, the more pressure he/she will have from surrounding which cannot be seen by others but can only be felt by them. Let us try to understand this bitter truth and help them to make the workflow smoothly.
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