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    When we had that then why we have not used it?

    It is now confirmed by ICMR that as per their studies conducted recently the BCG- bacille Calmette-Guerin, is a vaccine for tuberculosis can be given to the elders to fight the Covid at early stage and we have been administering this vaccine for 100 years now and we could not make use of it when the pandemic started. Unfortunately many elders and senior citizens have died during these eight months and latest studies reveal that BCG can fight anti bodies though this vaccine used for TB immunization, it works wonder for covid fight too.
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    It is sad to note that we could not take advantage of this knowledge in time but in medical science the problem is that until it is clinically confirmed, it is difficult to implement it. Now as the author says that it is confirmed by ICMR, then it can be given to the needy persons now. It is never too late for starting a good thing. Let us hope that this established vaccine brings cheers to the seniors in our country. Today we all are in a desperate need of something which can help in some way or other to get relief from this threat looming on our heads. Yesterday I read a news that in Europe the Covid-19 is again surging out and that is a bad news. We have so many travellers now who have started to travel to Europe for business or educational purposes and if the Covid-19 resurges in Europe then it would mean again closure of the international flights to and fro India. So any vaccine or any drug is welcome at this juncture.
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    As long as something is not confirmed, I think it cannot be implemented. As Umesh Sir has rightly said in his reply that 'It is never too late for starting a good thing' and it may be used on the elderly people at the earliest. Continuous research is going on to find a cure for COVID-19 and we all hope that it will be found soon.

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    Better late than never. If some medicines can help us to recover from COVID-19 , we should use it ensuring that the medicine really help us. This is not time to waste in thinking whether to use it or not to use it. Try it out and be satisfied. We can always achieve with error and trial method.
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    If it is authenticated news, it is a piece of welcome news. BCG is very popular. We have taken this during our childhood and still those marks are there on my hand. Can it be given to elders who don't have any symptoms of COVID 19 or only to be administered when somebody has the symptoms of the disease? Once it is clear, doctors may start using this drug.
    It always requires some time for the researchers also to come to a conclusion and implement their findings. So we should not think that the matter is delayed. Even finding now is good. Already in some countries, the second spread of COVID19 started. So let the doctors come to a conclusion and start using it if it is suitable.

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    Not so easy, Mohan. There is no certainty in most matters related to Covid 19, even after ten months. Most are biased/ half tried stories and most are not applicable universally.
    The irony was brought out by someone in social media. Our scientists, doctors and researchers have not found a medicine to treat or mange nor a vaccine to a virus which they say can be destroyed by a little about of soap and water. What an irony?

    I think, the best way now is to find a soap which will not cause any harm if we take it and wash our nose and throat with it. Or some soapy vapours to inhale!

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