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    Begin the day with good thoughts, positivity and self encouragement

    Nothing can match the good thoughts emanated from our mind and if we get up early in the morning before sunrise, the thoughts thus comes out are new and superlative because the atmosphere is tranquil and sober. Once the positivity connects our mind through good thoughts, we are now in the process of self encouragement. In this world of self centered persons and selfish mongers none would give you free encouragement advise, there fore be yours with self encouragement for the day to cope with advantages.
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    The author is right. Our elders have also said that you should wake up early and thank your God that you are ready to enjoy this beautiful life once again. Never make your life a burden, let it go towards living in the right way. Waking up early in the morning is half the medicine of many diseases, waking up early in the morning increases the positive flow in the brain. It is important for a good start of every day that your thinking should be positive. It is important to have a rhythm in your work. Successful in life is the same person who has good thinking and positive thinking, along with positive thinking, you have to make your attitude positive so that you can become a lot in life. Start and end of the day both should be in the right way with positive thinking.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Early hours after getting up from bed are refreshing. One feels relaxed and light in the morning. It the time when birds are singing, rays of the sun are radiating, energetic and soul lifting. Calm and serenity filled with majestic beauty reflected in the dawn encourage positivity.

    People prefer to do their important assignment in the morning for the amazing and enticing atmosphere it provides. The early hours strengthens the mind and improves memory to learn things better.

    People can work on different timing of the day but the early hour are rejuvenating and more powerful that bring positivity, optimism and makes you ready for the day.

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    In fact, we all should rise with the Sunrise and go to bed after the Sunset. That's the way God has structured our life. We should get along with the Sun. Early in the morning, look at the Sun in the east spreading its rays, worship him and thank Him, and start your day's journey. Work happily during the day. Spend the night peacefully with family.

    But we made ourselves greedy to possess more and more by earning throughout the day and night with no much rest to our body.

    No life without Sun

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    Correct. Start the day with a positive thought and the whole day will be good. When we get up late, we start our day with a hurry as we have to get ready and start working on time. We will be more concentrating on getting ready quickly and we may not be able to think or plan for the day properly. If we get up early we will get up with a clam mind and we can start thinking about the things we have to do and we will also think about how we can make the issues successful.
    Getting up early is always a good habit. The mind will be calm and fresh. Even without getting up from the bed, you can calmly think positively and plan the works you have to do for the day. That will make your work efficiently and bring better results. That is why our elders always suggested early to bed and early to get up.

    always confident

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    Starting the day with the positive thought will help in alleviating the stress and the morning should be started with some yoga having its benificial effects on the entire system. Even one can engage in brisk walking for at least thirty minutes in the morning session after gulping down two glasses of hot water. Following these regimen would charge you positively for the entire day.
    Make sure that no important assignment is left scheduled for the day and it would be better to note down the important assignments in advance in a diary to be taken up for the next day.
    There should be at least some time for your hobbies as well so that your mind remains relaxed with such engagements.

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    It is said that well begin is half done and it is true for each of our days. A good positive and constructive thought in the morning is sufficient to keep us in cheers for the whole day. That was the reason that a short Puja or praying session to God was the most important thing undertaken by our ancestors before starting the daily routine of their lives. I have seen some people still following that practice and take advantage of it in keeping themselves energetic throughout the day. Some of such things in our culture were very interesting and were unparalleled as regards to their effectiveness in our lives. It is sad that we have forgotten many such old treasures which were meant for our own development.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Very true. Wake up early in the morning is a very good habit. It keeps us healthy as well as energetic. I have felt myself that whenever wake up early in the morning, all works get over before time. We get much time for personal development and whole day feel very active. So, this rhymes is very famous " early to bed and early to rise, makes us healthy, wealthy and wise". In early times, 90% of people used to wake up early in the morning. That's why they were healthy and energetic till old age. Sometimes, they consume any kind of medicine. On the contrast, today's people are very sophisticated and get tired very soon. They have less stamina compare to early man. So, we should start our day with sunrise to only positive thinking come in mind.

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    It is told by our elders that always we should talk positive words. It is good in many times especially in mornings when we get up. Simply speaking for this only,I believe, we got a habit of taking coffee or tea with sugar in the morning once we begin the day in the morning. In some shops, I have seen, the shopkeeper never utter the word, 'not available' instead he used to say,'I will give it tomorrow' or 'tomorrow the stock is coming'.
    Similarly we are happening to face good and bad situations everyday. We, many of us, have the habit of seeing our palm once we wake up in the morning. Last night itself we can plan the works for the next day. If we got up from bed in the early morning, we could avoid some negative speeches as many others sleeping. As well we can enjoy the pleasant morning.

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    I agree with the author that rising before sunrise is always good for mind and body. Fresh air gives freshness to the mind and keeps for the body too. When I was a student of 6th my math teacher advised all students of the class that we should get up early morning and should study math because the mind is fresh and works more sharply.
    In one of his post the author mentioned that he rises at 3:30 a.m. but normally I get up a bit late. Rising early makes our life longer. When we get up early morning our day starts early and we save much time. If we get up late our day will also start late and it's sheer waste of time. When we have assignment in morning we set for it with fresh spirit and energy. It looks extremely good for us.
    Good thoughts come in mind when mind is fresh and free from all other wrong thoughts. When we start our day with good thoughts everything goes good.
    I agree with the author that nobody supports or encourages you, so you have to encourage yourself to work with positivity. When you start working with positivity and fresh spirit you have better chance to succeed and achieve your set target.

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