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    We should give commands ourselves to be a good citizen.

    Only a true citizen can build an ideal nation. A true citizen who can carry out his responsibilities properly. One does not have to take any major degree course to become a true citizen, he can play the role of an ideal citizen by giving his due contribution to the work done in daily life.

    First, we start with cleanliness. Cleanliness is the first step in civilization. We see every day that the garbage dumped on the street by educated people picks up less educated sanitation workers, then tell me who is illiterate By paying attention to cleanliness with small tasks, we can become not only true citizens but great citizens, conservation of the environment is our ultimate duty. Every citizen should plant a basil plant in their home courtyard to avoid polluted life. Plantation and simultaneous vehicle inspection should be done for pure air and a healthy environment.

    A true citizen sees his progress in the progress of the nation and for that, he also gives his wholehearted support. A true citizen is someone who loves his country unwaveringly, follows discipline and legal rules, and helps to maintain peace and peace in the country. Wearing a helmet while driving a seat belt etc, it is your safety, and not breaking these rules made by law gives you the identity of a true citizen.

    The big question, how do I become a true citizen? You don't necessarily have to be a leader or an actor. Come out of the world of your selfishness and think about what is there in me that can benefit my country, like a poet can communicate devotion through poems, the author can write a new history of the country through his writing.

    In this way, by giving commands to ourselves, as a true citizen, we must take an initiative firmly for the development and progress of our nation.

    This is my entry for
    TOW contest on the topic - 'command'.
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    This is a nice post bringing out the necessity of becoming a good citizen. I fully agree that if all the citizens become law abiding and disciplined then many of our problems which we generally attribute to others would be solved.
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    Nice. We have every right to command ourselves. Our commands should be always in such a way that all our actions are good only. If everyone can follow this we will see all good people only on this earth and it will be a heaven on the earth. Basically, we commend ourselves to a comfortable position and never think of doing things against the rules and regulations. We want to have a nice sleep and we go for an AC. But we never think of the ill effects of this AC on the environment. If we want to be a good citizen we should think of protecting nature and follow all the rules and regulations enforced by the government from time to time. A good submission by the author to the contest.
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    Good thought and well-framed write-up for the Topic based TOW contest Topic- 'Command.' We always think, a command to be given to others but the writer has given a way out to get self-command that will help us to be good and better citizens of our country. We all blame others for not following rules and regulations but we seldom follow. We are good at pointing our fingers at others but never think of our duty. We do not want to follow and rules but want to function smoothly. We do not want to wait but expect everyone to follow the traffic rules. We do not want to throw our garbage in the skip/bin but expect the place to be clean. We do not lend a helping hand when others are in need but we expect others to help us when we need them. We do not take care of our vehicles but expect others to follow guidelines. We do not take care of our vote but expect others to cast their votes. We do not bother to raise an objection if we see any wrong but expect others to do it for us. And the list will go on and on but when we are in that place, we try to escape. Let us try to command ourself as written by the writer and be a responsible and good citizen of our country.
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    Normally we are habituated to commands of others and we try to act or work on that orders, but commanding ourselves to be the good citizen is something asking for more and not every one find this suitable for them. They think why should they bother about others and why should they listen for others. Most of the people are self centered and does wanted to be commanded and they do not have the wisdom to command themselves because that is considered one step below their status and style. Nevertheless the author has raked up important post through this tow topic which could be a eye opener and chance to win the contest.
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