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    Do not be distracted by criticism, but be cautious and then victory is yours.

    When someone criticizes you and condemns you in life, you should never panic, because there are two or four critics in life. If there is no villain in the film, the personality of the hero does not shine. If there are two or four cynics in life, then the man becomes careless.

    Cynics keep us alert. If someone condemns you, think people throw stones at the same tree, on which sweet fruits are hanging. Criticism is also done in the world, in which there is something special. Today's man is not so much saddened by his sufferings as it is sad to see the happiness of others.

    We should positively take criticism. If we reduce our morale due to condemnation, then the purpose of the condemner is fulfilled. Our life is for us and our family, so we have to fulfill our objectives in this life and not those who condemn us.

    Some people keep on condemning the person without thinking or knowing, do not focus at all on the condemnation of such people because they have no work, so they are doing it, but when a cynic tells you your deficiencies, which you feel is appropriate, then definitely improve those deficiencies and increase your morale more than before.
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    We should not be averse to constructive criticism which opens up the new way of planning and going for fresh bid to establish our presence among all odds. However there are people who just criticize for the sake of it as they draw pleasure and happiness for having a dig at us with no point of reference. And some have the bad habit of interfering in between and joining the league to criticize us and that is too much asking for. Nevertheless when we are in right track and right direction and initiated the best foot forward, nothing should stop us to achieve the goal and destination no matter even our close friend would criticize us not for any gains but to set right our over confidence some times would spoil the show. Be normal, be adaptive to criticism, and the world would love it because everyone wants to say something and we are listening.
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    Positive criticism encourages people by pointing out some faults that help them improve as a better person. So people should always be ready and open for criticism. Such criticism must not distract anyone. They are always helpful.
    However, there would be some people who mean to distract you through criticism. Such shrewd people always look to demoralise you and turn your happiness into sadness. What a person needs to do is to stay calm, focused and maintain patience, and ignore such vilifying and bad criticisms.
    The point is that we should always be open for criticism for our good but at the same time, don't allow shrewd people to distract our life because some people make a criticism to devalue and defeat you. Always ignore such a critique but never mind those who want to point out some fault only to make you a better person.

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    Criticism will always be there. In this world there are many people who are always ready to criticise others whether it makes any affect or not. They do it habitually. That is the reason why we should not take the criticism in that way. But hearing some critical remarks about our work and performances is always going to help us as we can learn a lot from that and try to improve if there are some pit falls in our way of working or our method of undertaking a particular work. From that point of view there is no harm in listening to the critics patiently. It would benefit us only.
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    We should not feel bad to face criticism. There are many people to find fault with you. If you fear you can't do any good and important work in your life. So before doing any work think twice and go ahead with a proper plan of action. Some people see the positive side of your actions and appreciate you. You will be very happy to receive such appreciations. There may be some people who want to bring up the shortcomings and criticise you. If there is a point in their statements please take note of them and correct yourselves. If there is no point just say thanks to them and go ahead ignoring their words. Some people will tell you the real pitfalls and that will be very useful for your progress. You should welcome such people and think about their suggestions and implement so that next time you will not have to hear the same comment. But some people harp around without any point. Just brush aside and go forward.
    always confident

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    Mostly the people are jealous of your success, prosperity, name, fame and happiness. They don't leave any chance to criticize or backbite. These menace can not be cured of their diseases. This is a two faceted problem either deal them with iron fist provided that you are capable enough or ignore them provided that you are vulnerable, else, at least, be ready to have wrangling with them.

    Generally, these menace don't criticise you on your face, but backbite you with other people and you get to know about all his ill activities through other people. Just laugh at them and move on, being hooked up on them is sheer waste of time and energy. We have better people to talk to and better activities to involve in.

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    When someone criticises us in a negative way we feel hurt. If a person is doing it for defaming the other person then it is really in a bad taste. So constructive criticism makes some sense but backbiting and defaming are not good things. We must tell such people not to spread false information about anyone. Once you tell them this straight on their faces, they would become careful.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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