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    Retired elderly are entitled to honor with the most experience.

    Any old person who has spent all the energy of his life on family, society, and country is a storehouse of experience in old age. The energy that comes from the knowledge of their blessings determines the future of the youth. It is important to respect them at this stage of life

    The government system retires the elderly at a particular age, it does not mean that they have been retired from the society as well, but their importance increases further after joining the category of elderly.

    Blessings of elders are very important in our lives. We cannot be successful easily in life without their blessings.
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    I agree with the author that we should respect elderly people and honour their experience concerning mundane affairs. I always prefer to take their suggestions and they suggest me sincerely.

    When they reach superannuation they take rest from work as per the law applied to government establishments but it doesn't mean they are literally retired and mentally weak, however, some of them may be weak physically but what they have experienced in their lives pertaining to practical life is invaluable and we can utilize their experience how to face challenges in our lives. Their experience facilitates us to cope with different situations or undergoing different untoward circumstances.

    As a family member an old fellow is like a tree which keeps all family members under its shadow and protect them from heat of sun.

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    Elders must be respected and we must respect every person irrespective of their age. In many cases, it is found that retired persons are not given importance by their family members. A few family members think since the retired persons are not earning anymore they have no right to decide about the daily affairs in the family. This type of thinking is not at all helpful and encourages the younger ones to have less regard for elderly people. There is a particular age for retirement because, with age, certain capabilities like carrying out hard work, body movement, etc decreases. This is a natural process but that does not mean that a retired person cannot decide on what is right or what is wrong for an individual or family. The experience the elders have is what we need to lead a good life. The experience always increases with age because one handles various situations in different phases of life. These experiences are something we require all the time and in every aspect, it is seen that others are taking the advice of the seniors when in a tough situation. They have a special position in the family and society and we must remember that ageing is a natural process and not something unusual.

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    Really speaking. It is not happening now. The elders are like outdated articles. With the developing technology, the elders are considered unworthy. The present elder may not be knowing much about the computers and Mobile phones that a child knows and learn things online.

    It only that age is being respected, not their past experience in their life which is matchless with the knowledge of present day generation.

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    It is the fact that those who retire as the senior citizens are in fact the power house of knowledge either at the home or at the office. The work experience right from the childhood, teen, youth and later the middle age has the mix of great strides and achievements in life and they have also confronted the challenges with great guts and success and thus they have immense knowledge and wisdom on any matter you discuss. And when the elders are present at the home, the young ones are nurtured with special bonding, giving them the cushion of being the grand son and grand daughter the elders would always make them learn everything and the children are always happy with the elders as they tell the stories, clarify the doubts and over and above the ethics, etiquette comes from the training imparted by the elders at home.
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    Retired elders are the storehouse of varied experience and we should reap the benifits of the vast experience. It is true that they have retired due to their advanced age but their mind is as sharp as it was in their young age. We should not go by their fragile and weak health. We would explore many exciting facts if we could maintain a relationship with them.
    We have seen many retired educationists, doctors, scientists, lawyers having contributed a lot of times for the upliftment of the society. They may share all their experience benefiting you a lot in the different spheres. Some of them are suffering from the life style diseases but we may not notice their sufferings due to their cool temperament. Our little human gesture would be enough to please them.

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    We must respect and honour the retired and old people not only because they are knowledgeable and experienced but also because they have played their innings well and now it is our duty to take crd of them financially or in other ways. In old age people want love and affection of their children and if children can give them even a little of that then they will be very happy and contented. Just giving them money or food or facilities would not suffice as they want a few words from their children side which makes them satisfied and contented. Cannot we give them this much?
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    Yes. There is no second opinion about it. Elderly persons will be very helpful to us and their suggestions and advises will be very useful for us when we are in some problems. But these days, the elderly persons are not getting the respect they deserve. The present-day youth may be feeling that their ideas are outdated and they are no good for the present era.
    If we have the confidence and patience to discuss with the elderly persons about the points where we are in dilemma, they will come out with very good suggestions. In their lives, they might have faced many difficult situations and problems. They might have solved them by taking the suggestions of their elders. So they have their experience and also their learnings from their elders. So we should consider their suggestions as very valuable.
    We never know their value when they are with us. We will understand their value only we miss them. So never hesitate to respect the elderly person and treat them with respect and value

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