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    Bribery, although considered wrong, is routinely practiced from childhood.

    We all know that bribery is one of the worst forms of act, which a person commits to do a work he/she is morally bound to do and vice versa. Usually, we get an image of Government employees who work only once their palm is greased. Although they are not alone, many private-sector employees also do the same.

    Still, this thread is not about who takes bribe and who gives bribe, it is about bribery itself and how closely it is attached to each one of us. Bribery I see is a form of human conditioning and it begins at a very early age.

    If we notice our kids, we always entice them to do some work or act as per our wish by offering them something in return.
    If a child is crying we offer toys to calm them.
    If a child is not studying we promise them some gift or outing to make them study.
    If the child is not eating we offer them sweets or something of his/her liking and make them eat.

    This list goes on, now this way not only the child learns how to get his work done from his/her parents by showing tantrums but also the parents save themselves of the tougher ways of handling a child.

    This is a common practice in most households if not all. Giving and taking bribery begins at an early age and it becomes human conditioning which we may agree or not. We may brush it aside saying that all these during childhood are just a play and nothing else but, the real repercussions are deep and last a lifetime.

    What members have to say about this?
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    Bribery has sown its seeds since ages and we have been practicing the same at one point of time or the other. Only yesterday the petrol pump employee approached me to have the engine oil for the vehicle and i obliged. Soon after the work is done I paid the money in cash and he would not leave the place and keep on cleaning my vehicle with the cloth and then I thought he expects some money from me. I gave him the balance 20 rupees not as the bribe , for his courteous way of asking for the oil fill, then without even asking he made tight the brake wires, cleaned the vehicle with his cloth and thus I was duty bound to pay him something. This is not a bribe but I paid him for the service rendered. But in many govt departments without greasing the palm the works are not getting over and that gives rise to more corruption from both ends.
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    We are giving bribe to even God also. We say we will give you this much if we earn this much. It is also a bribe/ But we call it gift or donation and government encourages these donations by giving tax exemption to these donations.
    If the boy is weeping to go to school, the mother will offer him a piece of Jaggery so that he will go to school by accepting that. But what we give to children may be considered as gifts to motivate them but may not be bribed. It is not illegal to give small gifts to children by their family members. Giving gifts to government employees also is not considered as a bribe. We give them many items as new year gifts.
    Giving money or other assets only are considered as bribery. In Andhra Pradesh, a minister's son has presented a Benz car as a gift by a corporate house. The government says it is a gift and opposition says it is a bribe. These n days corruption has become a part of life and we have to live with it. A common man is suffering a lot in this bargain as he is having no money to bribe people to get his works done. This is the main reason in India for the rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer.

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    The example of bribery which the author has quoted is an interesting one though it is within the family and within the family members so is not as serious as bribery in public places. Bribery is related to human greed and human urgency of getting things done even if the person does not deserve it. In old times when the teacher taught the King's son everything then king used to offer them some remuneration and depending upon the king's heart it could be much more than the efforts that the teacher had done to educate the prince or the princess. A poor person would not be able to offer so much to the teacher. Today we are offering same way to the important people in important positions something more than what they deserve to get once our work is done by them and then they oblige us happily. This give and take mechanism is inbuilt in the system and it can only be reduced by stringent monitoring and control mechanism but as soon as the governance goes down these things mushroom up very fast.
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    Each observation is very valid but the gist of this thread is the effect that the action of parents has on the kids at a young age. There are many terms like consideration, incentive, bonus, reward, bribe, palm greasing, etc.

    The difference in these terms is well understood by adults as consideration, bonus and incentive is for services rendered, or extra work done, or a motivation to work more, respectively. Bribery and palm greasing is paying for something that is not at all required. Now how a kid would get these terms is something that requires contemplation. We mostly give children things out of love and care but many times we give them something or other to either console them or to save our life when stuck somewhere or to make them follow our orders.

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    The lession of bribery is given to our children right from their tender age. In the state of crying we offer them something of their liking and in that way, we want some sort of peace due to the break of their nuisance. In this process, they learn how to blackmail their nears and dears ones with their different tricks and finally we would approve of their demands ultimately. Once they grow up, this attitude further multiplies and then their targets go beyond their parents. Practicing in this area,,they earn some money satisfying their grids. We often ignore such temptation of the people and oblige them thinking that they would render their service to our satisfaction in the next time.

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    Taking or offering bribe is the ages long tradition. It's as important in dispensation as blood flows through our veins. We can't imagine our system without bribery. It's indispensable to get work done, not necessarily some kind of backdoor work, rather, to get our work done legally too. If you complain higher authorities, who have their own share in amount you are asked for, will show you some rules and regulations which require much of time and long way to go. So people opt for the short cut- fulfill their demand and save their time.

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