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    Cycling has gained momentum during covid-19 in India

    During the lockdown when transport was shut, people were struck at different parts of the country looking for a possibility to reach their homes. Right amid crises, a young girl Jyoti Kumari from Bihar gather the courage look for a bicycle to carry her ailing father to his home 1200 Kms away Gurugram. Salute to her indomitable will which caught the attention across the world. And this cycling became a choice to move from one place to another in corona scare.

    Cycling in India is gaining momentum ever since and people like cycling. It has amazing health benefits if we take to cycling. It strengthens body muscles, increases blood circulation, helps joint mobility and lots more. Cycling before covid crises seemed a dying thing but now it jas again came to limelight. Many cyclists do it as their hobby and setup cycling federation for boosting interest among people for cycling.

    I feel cycling an amazing hobby that everyone should do it for 20 to 30 minutes every day. It is encouraging for staying healthy and strong. In this covid situation, cycling is the best choice to travel a little distance that everyone should adopt.
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    It is true and people from distant places go to their workplaces in bicycles these days. Though it takes a lot of time they have no alternative. Since suburban trains are not running till now and everybody cannot afford a two-wheeler cycling is the only option for them. Other than the health benefits the great advantage of a bicycle is there is no pollution in this mode of transport. Many cities in the world have a separate lane for cycling and I am sure because of the popularity of bicycles during this situation the authorities will take a note and encourage cycling in various places by making the necessary arrangements.

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    Pandemic has taken us back to the past world when we were pedaling using cycles for conveyance. Cycling helped to remain healthy with physical exercise to our body. During this pandemic, the sale of cycles have gone up manifold. The cycle repair shops are doing good business. The pollution rate also have come down drastically. We should prefer cycle for short distance transportation in cities. An individual can save money spent on fuel and remain active and healthy.

    I remember the days when we had license to bicycles. The police were very strict to check cycles without lights, bells, brakes, rear red lamps and took double riding very seriously.

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    Cycling has become the alternate transport for many Indians in the recent past as it is the most safest way of commuting to the works without mingling with anyone and yet reaching the destination in time and not infecting our health on the way. Those who are doing cycling are always fit enough as all the bones and muscles in the body is at work and much calories are burnt daily on cycling. I have been doing cycling before the marriage and after that shifted to vehicle for obvious reasons. Having cycle handy, we can go the short distances, go for the morning exercise with cycling, and fetch anything for the home without spending anything like fuel etc. I could recall my father had the Hercules cycle with dynamo fitted on that to generate the night vision through friction of the dynamo with the hind tyre.
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