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    Is everything fitted properly in the house and the search began!

    If you have also started searching then it's good but my advice would be not to try to fix it correctly if you have no experience in carpentry/electrical works. This happened long ago in our house. When a technician/electrician comes home to carry out some repairing, the members of the house observes it at times so that things are done correctly. One such electrician came to fix some electrical problems. He diagnosed the fault and replaced a switch and the regulator of the ceiling fan fitted on the switchboard. Those days, the regulators were quite big and took a lot of space on the switchboard. The regulator was shining bright but was not fixed absolutely straight. It was slightly bent on one side, though it was not easily noticeable if you do not look at it carefully. This was pointed out to the electrician and he quickly retorted "Is everything in this house fixed properly in its place?" I thought for a while and began to search for things in every room to find out whether everything fitted properly. I think everything was not correctly fixed, otherwise, I could have easily challenged him.
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    You shouldn't have spared the electrician passing such a remark and questioning in that manner. He is paid to fit the things properly. Because of this sober attitude of the house owners, things are not fitted properly. We should not have the 'Chalta Hai' attitude. We should effectively take charge of the laborers coming to work at our home, may it be electrical, mechanical plumbing works. If not satisfied, don't pay him. Ask them to fit properly.
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    Those who are habituated to best practices at the office by keeping things in order and wants them to be in order and perfect conditions would be always concerned about how the things were working, is there need for changes or is there need to fix it rightly. The other day my washing machine was stay put at one place and during the cleaning it was just shifted to other place because it had the wheels but when it was brought back to the same place it was slightly placed wrong and that was not noticed. When the machine was made to run and after the actual washing started and machine started jumping and the vibration was with sound and I could immediately grasp that something went wrong and switched off the machine and noticed that one of the wheel was slighted lowered on the other side and made the uneven level and when that was set right the machine started working well.
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    Many technicians do work very shabbily and have an attitude if one asks them why they have done so. If we have not observed then they would take their service charges and happily leave the premises. It often happens and as many of us are not very technical hand and do not have such fine observations. they take advantage of the same. I have seen only a few technician who are good in their job and would not wait for your comment but correct and rectify the minor defects them selves and would not give a chance to get a bad name or anything that lowers their reputation.
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    When you are talking about the work done by him, why the technician should make such a remark? If somebody else did a mistake, you can't say that you will also do the mistake. We might not have paid money to the other person who fixed the switch earlier in a shabby way. So you need not pay to this electrician also. will he accept this proposal?
    The remark passed by the technician shows his arrogance and carelessness. We should not spare such electrician.
    Once in our house, there was a problem with the water heater. The electrician came and saw the problem and repaired it. It is working alright. We paid the same. But the same equipment gave problem again the next day. We called the electrician and told him the problem. He again looks into the problem and rectified and he never demanded any money for that as he repaired the system just one day before.

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    I am not happy with the workmanship of these technicians. Many of them take their work very casually. Either they have not learned it properly or they are habitual escapist from work. Nowadays service and repair charges are more and they are earning good money so they should take interest in the work and then only the customer will call them again whenever such a situation arises. In my water purifier there was some leakage and the technician put some packing tape and it was rectified. But after only one day it started to leak. I phoned to him and he answered that next time he would bring the original part and replace it and till that time I should close the main tap. After one month he told that the sealing ring is not available and he would try to pack it again. It worked for a few days and then again started leaking. Then I complained to the consumer centre who also told that I have to wait for the part as they have ordered it and it took another 15 days to get it and finally he did the job. They should tell us these things beforehand so that we do not get confused unnecessarily.
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