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    Do you want to get attention of others?

    Naturally everyone yearns for the attention of others on us either at one point of the time or other and it may for many reasons. For that are we prepared ourselves to attract others attention? First of all the smile on your face would greatly convince others that you are amicable and adjustable with behavior. While exchanging pleasantries even with new persons show concern and that should be from the heart and create warmth , not just words. And amply show that you love the peace in your mind and nothing else would disturb your tranquility and no room for waste time with you.
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    Some people are talkative and gregarious by nature. They mingle with others and have fun in the process. They are frank and approachable. They enjoy life by socialising and mixing with others. Friends are a big possession for them. At the same time there are many who are reserved in nature and do not easily mix with others. They always have a wall of privacy surrounding them. It is not easy to approach these people as they might not entertain a person for casual chit chats or time pass discussions. The interesting thing is both these types like attention of others when it comes to how people attend to others. It means almost everyone on Earth likes attention. Management Gurus know this art and they talk with their subordinates by asking how their family persons were. Was everything good at the family front and then they come to the job in hand. Attention is something which pleases a person entirely. He feels elated and likes the person who is giving him attention. However this is a patient job to do so.
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    Who doesn't want? Everyone wishes to get the attention of others. It will be more so if the other person is a VIP. Some people do a lot of show off to get attracted by others. Some try to talk always something or other to get the attention of others. They never feel that they are disturbing others. Some people get dressed in a different way in the gathering so that people will notice him. Like this, there are various methods to get noticed by others. But some people will get the attention of others with their performance. A student who will be the first ranker in the class will get noticed by all other students and he will get recognition even from the teachers also. A beautiful lady will get the attention of people. She need not do any show-off.
    There are many ways to get the attention of others. Our way of conducting and how we organise ourselves will have a big say in getting the attention of others.

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    I think whether call it as a human weakness or desire everyone wants attention. Even a child wants attention and if we do not give him he may start crying or start doing all sort of mischiefs. So this is an inherent trait in us. When we meet people outside in the market or in our surroundings we reciprocate smiles and other pleasantries which indicate that we have taken cognisance of each other. Keeping a serious face and shrewd staring would spoil the relationships. No one likes that type of glances. We are all social and friendly people and we definitely require attention and concern of the fellow beings.
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    There is no need to attract to people by creating artificial or pretentious qualities. If we have good qualities everyone will be attracted physically or emotionally. Our good manners, respecting all, habit of listening to others and giving them full space to express themselves, undoubtedly, make them closer to us. When they have time they would like to spend their time with us. I can't ignore materialism which is the focal point of attraction for people and pragmatically, as much we are endowed with materialistic stuff as much importance is given to us, but good and noble qualities have their own charm which, eventually, run over materialistic paraphernalia.

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    The urge to gain attention may be an inherent trait in us as Neeru Bhatt has correctly said. But I doubt whether it is something that is within our control. The author and the others who have responded have brought in the positive factors that may help in gaining attention but I say that there are negative factors too that can gain attention. A badly dressed person, a person who does not smile at others and do not bother to mingle with others, someone who talks unnecessarily, people who do not follow social etiquettes and so on can also attract attention though for the wrong reasons.

    So, it is not all about gaining attention, it is how you manage others to pay attention to you that should matter. People must look at you and come up to you and most importantly must not feel discouraged once they start talking to you. It is not easy to maintain the initial attention that one may gain with his looks or appearance. For that, you need to be well-behaved and must know yourself well.

    One must not be artificial, either in looks or in behaviour. Again one must not be overly conscious. You tend to be artificial in whatever you do when you are conscious that you are being watched. Be your natural self. Though it is not wrong to seek the attention of others, it would be better if we do not do or say something extra to gain attention. That would be the purest form and it can be truly satisfying.

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