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    Examine your life and make it worth living

    Some times our life seems to be going in no direction and we feel like seized off the issues and matters. Suddenly we start to probe as to why this life is all about and what for the struggle and existence going on. If we examine our own existence, then could catch the important points that what we were, what we are now and what we will be in future based on our own past performance. children progress and the whole family position as such. If we are not examining now then it will be too late to make amends and corrections.
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    A review of life is always worth for improvement. Unless otherwise, we take a stock of life, we don't know where we stand? This will enable us to know where some amendments are required? If we don't do that and allow the things to happen, we will be lost somewhere.
    So to keep the things under control and direct them in the right direction once in a while a review is very important. We will be attending review meetings and planning meetings in our Organisation about work and we will plan based on the vision of the company. But what we don't do that for our own life?
    We should do such planning and review also for our day to day life. We should sometimes sit with our family members and discuss various issues and we should come to a common understanding. I have seen some people who will have very good planning in their lives and make a good living.

    always confident

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    A good thought shared by the author. Such moments come in everyone's life when one is at his wits end and cannot decide what to do. It can be compared with a situation of utter confusion. This generally happens when a person has no direction and recently had lost miserably in some efforts. This can also be thought a situation of despair and emptiness created in the aftermath of failures. We have to come out of it and probably these are the times when we search for a mentor or Guru who can guide us and lead us to light from the dark envelope under which we are trapped. One can even ponder oneself and examine the details of everything as where things went wrong and then try to correct them and strike back with more vigorous force of efforts and attempts. Humans are bestowed with enormous powers physically and mentally and we must take advantage of that in pursuing our tasks.
    Knowledge is power.

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