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    Lane discipline on roads and life discipline must for peaceful living

    If you are a car driver then one big lesson what you learned from the driving experience must be that one should stick to the lane discipline and that rule has to be followed when you go slow. Likewise in life also discipline has to be maintained to have congenial and cordial relations with the family members for the smooth peaceful living, otherwise there would be commotions, overtaking from left and the life would be rendered useless in the long run. So chose your lane of life and be cautious while driving the life vehicle.
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    A wonderful thought by the author. Discipline is the key to have a trouble free life. It gives us enormous by products like having more time in hand, less confusion, clarity of work and time relationship, deciding priorities, and many other such advantage which indisciplined people miserably miss in their lives. A disciplined person will be more confident in his engagements and occupations as he knows at what time what is to be done and how much homework would be needed for the next bunch of activities which are due to be undertaken in following days or weeks.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Discipline is a very essential quality for anybody to have a fruitful journey of life. What is discipline? Doing the right things in the right way, at the right time always in our life. Coming on time to duty is discipline. Talking politely and humbly is discipline. Following rules and regulations and abiding the laws is discipline. When you behave in a disciplined way, you will be successful and you will be appreciated by others.
    Many times we expect discipline from others but we may exempt ourselves from that. It is not correct. We should follow the discipline and then only we can expect discipline from others.
    while driving a car we should follow all good driving practices and follow the traffic rules. That is the best. In the same way in our life, we should follow all goof life practices and obey all laws so that you will be always safe.

    always confident

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    Being a housewife I know what is the meaning of discipline. We must adhere to it. If I do not take care of the household within a day everything will be in shambles. Sometimes the routine is so tight and demanding that we are not able to cope up. But if all the family members keep discipline as the primary thing in their working then every one will have sufficient time. Adhering to meal timings, sleeping hours, keeping the things back to their places, and many other things are their which can be managed nicely in a disciplined life and are in a way a great help to the people who are managing the household.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    If we follow the right discipline be it lane, school, office or Homefront, it would save the time and there should not any comparison to this. Whatever the place it is, it will provide you safety. On Homefront, there are several tasks which are repetitive in nature such as cleaning of dust accumulated on the external surface of the item, cleaning of sofa, dinning table on a regular basis giving a tidy look of the surrounding. We sometimes remain under impression that domestic chores are easy and less time consuming but once someone takes up such jobs, one will understand the complexities involved in doing such jobs. Let there not be specific allotment for such jobs, jobs within the family are to be shared to make the same less exhausting.

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