Majoritarianism is not a welcome sign for a mature democracy

Some of the worrisome trends point to a particular brand of majoritarianism sought to be achieved in this country. One party, one language, and one leader, this mantra can never ever work in India. Cutting across caste lines, the absence of a viable opposition in poll-bound Bihar is giving a particular political philosophy an edge.

For one of the States, with the maximum number of highly exploited uneducated and untrained labour - the picture is clear. Yet, no one talks about industrialization, jobs, protection of the environment or inclusive growth. Roads and highways attempted by Nitish Kumar are just not enough. One particular philosophy is sought to be imposed on an entire nation and the clear trend is majoritarianism. One particular religion is the majority religion in India and all others fall in place.

Where are we headed? What solutions do we have? Members who are as concerned as me, about majoritarianism may please do come out with some answers. The present trends are very dangerous. And the same style is sought to be taken to every corner of the country.