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    Is Manusmriti against women? Discuss against the backdrop of the recent issue

    In Tamil Nadu, we have had a particular political philosophy.

    The backward classes and the scheduled castes can no longer be taken for granted. Now, a Member of Parliament from the State had recently quoted Manusmriti, an ancient text where the domination of men over women and upper castes over the lower castes has been reportedly mentioned ( I could not understand even the Tamil version). There is a massive protest by the Tamil Nadu arm of a major political party. Nobody in the state gives much importance to this party. Yet, there are attempts to stage some protest or the other.

    One Ms Radhika Ganesh, a political activist, has dared to openly challenge the party that seeks to make political capital out of whatever the leader is said to have talked in a conference. He had merely quoted what is there in the script, in the same ancient Manusmriti. It is great to see such political activists emerging from nowhere.

    Now the latest update. The particular leader has demanded a total ban on Manusmriti. If such texts are indeed against women, they deserve to be banned. No educated State like Tamil Nadu, with one of the highest literacy rates in India, can tolerate any nonsense against women, in any form.

    What is your say on this issue?

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    India is an independent country and a Republic with a solid Constitution and one of the world's best functional representative democracies. Our day to day life is subject to the rule of Law, and we have a very good judiciary and legal system which guarantees and calls for equality in every basic aspect of life as a citizen and human being residing in this country.
    Manusmriti is neither a part of our constitution nor part of any law existing in this country. It is just an archival book which was probably followed in some old times many thousand years. As such it should be treated as an archival item and to be treated as such.
    Otherwise we have to ban or burn all history books and other books which were written in Mughal times, the Ghazni and Ghori times, the British times etc. There are books and history mentioning how Indians were treated or had to be treated during the Muslim, British and other foreign invaders times. There are many movies which glorify the cruel foreign invaders and British Raj. All those should be banned.

    There are some political parties even in our present parliament and legislatures who supported the British, against our own Independence movement. They should also be banned.

    When there are no strong issues to be taken up, some parties who have no value in the present world try many tricks for their existence. As most people ignore and a small fraction out of ignorance or own their own interest give publicity to these kinds of divisive talks. The main culprits are the TV channels and the social media who simply rake it up and keep floating for their TRPs and hit rates. These are just for publicity stake and escape from redundancy and to stay afloat for their own interests. Though the British have gone, the divisive, exploiters are still scene in our country.

    It is actually a non-issue,which someone uses time and again to deceive people by'flogging a dead horse.'
    (Following additional note may be an answer to your other thread which is locked to avoid multiple threads on same subject. Manusmriti is a very every ancient text on how people should live and prescribes many things and norms to be followed by people, rulers and enforcement of order and punishments. It is something of a gone era many thousands of years. There is just one verse which is nowadays misquoted and quoted as a separate dictum quoted out of real context. Let me try to explain by citing more current examples.
    There are many celebrities who are given X,Y,Z, A,B,C (or any such named)category security protection. Will a celebrity or VIP who is having a Z category security be allowed to interact with a person in a gathering or mass meeting ? No. even if the VIP wants and tries, he/she will be enveloped by the security guards. Is it considered as denial of freedom? It is for the benefit of the concerned VIP or key person. Even at very high cost in our country there are many hundreds of such persons. There are occasions when the concerned VIPs or their supporters made big issue when such protection was withdrawn or reduced.
    What Manu smriti says in the misinterpreted and misquoted verse is: A woman/female is under protection and care by father,brother in childhood, husband in her youth and by her children in her old age. Hence the woman does not need have her own separate independence. This just akin to the high category security protection for our 'popular' VIPs and celebrities. While the present VIPs including political leaders clamour for many levels of security cover enveloping them, when the same was given to women in old times the same is misquoted and misrepresented now for vested interests. Anyway, Manusmriti is not applicable to our country which has its own Constitution and La with universal equality and freedom. Hence the debate is. It is also like small children touching a skeleton in a museum and becoming scared of it and having bad dreams in the night)

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    There are so many things in our scriptures and there are so many things in the scriptures of other societies. But we are not following all those things as they were conceptualised long back and most of them have no relevance today. So there is no question of banning any of them. They are our cultural heritages. Let them be there for records. Like minded people should not follow them. That is all.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    We cannot do away with old scripts whether they are good or bad, relevant or irrelevant. Many such books of the past are considered as a treasure and preserved. We should not rake up issues after referring the old books. Many things of the past are not relevant to modern life. Men and women have changed. The dressing, eating and living culture have changed.

    Let us keep aside Manusmriti which is written in Sanskrit (not understandable)and lead our life with things befitting us in this modern world.

    No life without Sun

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    Manusmriti says that one should respect ladies. The same book says in a house where a lady weeps, no wealth and health will remain. But never advocated treating ladies as slaves. But some people without understanding the issue making an issue where there is no issue.
    As mentioned by the other authors, Manusmriti is not our constitution and no one is forcing us to follow the points mentioned in that book. So why one should demand to ban that book.
    We know in Ramayana that a person who treated a lady badly was killed by her husband. This will make us understand the value they gave to a lady. These days many unwanted incidents are happening and many ladies are suffering. If police kill a person who misbehaved with a lady, the so-called human activists will come and do a lot of sounds.
    There are many religions and there are many religious books. Nobody is insisting you to follow or not to follow. So I think all these issues are raised with some other reasons kept in mind. Let us not belittle our ancient books. Without knowing the facts commenting and misinterpreting is not a correct trait.

    always confident

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    As stated already by other members, it is factually wrong to take a quote from an ancient book and misquote it as being against or for a community or gender. Those societies existed many years back what there norms were are very much different from the norms that we follow today not to mention the evolution of language rationality and traditions. The context in which a certain quote is made was very different then than it is now at present. Please do not use quotes, verses etc from books to justify actions that may harm a community in long term.

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