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    Be a commander and command your soul

    Everyone wants to be a commander. But the best commander is one who commands his soul. Our soul is very unsteady and does not want to be stable. Good and bad are the two things in the world. It is not easy to follow good things. Our soul always tries to follow bad things since it is easy. So, it becomes important for us to command our soul and prevent it from doing the wrong things. If we would be able to command our souls in the right direction, then we would be a real commander.

    Hence be a commander and command your soul to follow the right path.

    This is my entry for the TOW contest.
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    Very inspiring post by the author. I fully agree that we are our own masters and we have to steer ourselves in the right paths in our lives. Being virtuous is its own reward and if a person can tame oneself in the right and productive direction then that is a big achievement. Controlling and managing others is also necessary for the leaders and persons in charge of affairs in organisations but controlling oneself is of primary value and is an essential requirement. It is said that if one can control oneself then he becomes capable of controlling the whole society.
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    A nice thought. Keeping our wishes under control is very difficult. Generally, we will be the victims of the desires of our soul. So if we can command the soul and keep our wishes under control and go for all good deeds we will have a peaceful. If you can command your desires and wishes and start living a contented life, you will be happy in your life without any anxieties and hurries which will bring you ill health. So be a confident commander of your soul and keep all the things under your control, then you can enjoy your life. A good submission by the author which is very philosophical and very well connected to the TOW topic.
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    This could be the award winning write up from the author as by being our own commander and commanding the soul to right path is the ultimate of aim of many. In our body we have to consult our mind and soul and thus consult the mind are just performers and those who seek permission from soul are the ultimate performers that is was clearly mentioned in this content connecting to the tow topic. Since the soul has the wavering type of mind and even has the tendency to change the stands, it is necessary to keep in terms and in control so that the work gets ultimately over to the liking of all. That is why those thinking persons are called soulmates and not mind mates.
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    A well thought post about commanding our soul to do good is the best we can do for ourself. The world is full of good and bad but learning or approaching good is very difficult but the bad sticks to us easily. Many a times we get use to pick bad as we do not want to take pain in taking the difficult path and looks for the short cut. If we are the commander and are able to command our soul to choose the good which is hard but best for us, then we can say that we have won the battle of living the best life.
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    The author has said very well, it is a great thing to command one's own soul. When we start life many factors come into our life which affects us, many people meet who give us some good and some bad experiences. Our personality is determined by the experiences of life and the rites that have been won. We should try to keep ourselves more and more engaged in good works so that the purity of our soul remains. Command yourself to keep the evils of the world away from your soul and become a role model for the world.
    Swati Sharma

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