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    Command of a subject leaves people awestruck

    Either during drill practices or in defence, in academic centres or any organisational sectors, or at any other place giving some instruction or command by a superior is very common. Well, it's known to all that the word 'command' does not only mean an order or to lead. It's also about grip or control upon what a person does. When someone is immensely knowledgeable and has the confidence to face any challenge or answer any question put up to him/her makes a strong impact upon others. It draws huge attention and makes the very person extremely popular among people.

    Let's take an example from the teachers' community. On the professional ground, teachers in school or college are academically qualified, but sadly each one of them does not become very popular and respectable among the students. What's the reason behind a teacher's popularity? How one is sharing knowledge with the learners is the keyword which makes all the difference. Some teachers receive love from students for their kind and helpful gesture, but some draw students' attention through their way of teaching. The teachers who make the pupils understand a topic with ease become very favourite. The teaching process is art, so making every student understand a chapter and also make the whole class attentive is a real calibre. The same is the case with a public speaker. One must possess a good knowledge regarding the subject on which he/she gives a speech and a good hold upon the language in which one delivers the lecture make all the difference. Shashi Tharoor is a living example, and whosoever listens to him is left in awe, isn't it so?

    Thus, there are unnumbered beings which leave people completely awestruck. Other than teaching and public speaking, it can be about any creative or professional field where if the performer or professional showcases an x-factor, then would make for a huge fan following and also earn respect. It's not easy for anyone to leave people wonderstruck entirely unless one has that awe factor. So, one who enjoys command of a subject leaves behind amazed people which is just incredible.

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    When a person has good command of what he do then he/she becomes the favourite of the masses. The best examples that can be taken are from the entertainment industry where the artist performs a role that touches the heart of the masses and they become their fans. There are many actors and actress who have a huge fan following. Some are true fans while some are paid fans and one can understand that a true fan is not gained by power or money but by choice and love for their skills. There are many celebrities that have touched our hearts by their performance like MJ, AR Rehaman, Aamir Khan, Prabhas, Ashwarya, Lataji, Chitra, Janakiamma, SPB, Yaani, Barun Sobti, Kalpana Chawla, Marie Curie, to name some.
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    True. The way in which a teacher teaches the subject in the class will have a lot of impact on the students. Some teachers teach by going to the level of the students and see that all the students in the class will understand the lesson properly. This is possible only when the teacher is having command over the subject he teachers to them and he understands the level of the students in the class. Definitely, that teacher will be a teacher liked by many students. If we are good in our profession we will get a good name and people will start liking us.
    NTR, the great Telugu actor used to act very aptly in the roles he used to accept in moves and he used to mould himself correct it to the role. This skill of him brought him many successes and he is the most liked actor even today in Telugu speaking States.

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    For some having command of the subject is the born with such character criteria and they will deal the crowd and public with awesome carrying on the speech that will awestruck the onlookers and the viewers. Only few has such great traits and they will not have any written content or even piece of paper with them and their oratory skills on the subject need to be appreciated and applauded. In this regard I want to mention the ideas and knowledge of Kalaignar Karunanidhi who is the cinema writer by profession but stunned everyone through politics and he is perfectionist to answer any tirade against him and that too with joke and other ingredients. When ever he happens to speak on the governors address or thanks giving address, his dig at the opposition especially Jayalalitha would be superlative and his speeches are flawless.
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    To teach the students, command in the subject is an important criteria but still if the teacher is lacking the style of make the subject interesting, he would fail in his profession. Bright careers of the teachers and their impressive educational performance is meaningless unless they improve their method of teaching. On the other hand, it has been observed that a teacher though not academically bright are still popular within their student community because of their style of teaching. If the teachers are capable of making the subject clear with the art of inculcating basics of the chapters, he would earn huge respect for possession of such qualities. My chemistry teacher in the college while teaching organic chemistry in the degree level was so interesting that the students never missed his classes though he himself secured third class marks in his final result of M.Sc.

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    Well narrated on one of the meanings of the word command. It is really interesting to note that any person who has command in his subject or work leaves a very good impression on others who get exposure to his talk or work. For example a good medical surgeon is known throughout the country. People having medical problems make a beeline at his working place for their operations.
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