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    Saving habit is very important

    Saving a part of our earnings is a very good habit. The money we saved will come in handy when an emergency arises. That is why many of our elders advocated savings. My father always used to advise me to save 10% of my income and spend the remaining only.

    These days we observe that the concept of savings is coming down. Many families suffered during COVID 19 lockdowns as they lost their jobs and no savings. We all should learn from this at least now and go for saving a part of our income. SImple saving is not alone will do the purpose. Our money should work for us. So we should take the right choice of savings to meet our long and short term goals.

    Today is world Saving day. On this day let all of us pledge that we will inculcate the habit of saving in the right way that helps us.
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    I do agree with the author's view. No doubt, Saving is very important for the safety of life. Saving is always done for adverse condition. I have noticed that those people who believe in saving lead a peaceful life. They are capable of sustaining up and down of life. Whereas, those people who spend money lavishly always live in danger. Nowadays, people believe in spending more and more money. So, a new generation of people spent their life in tension. Therefore, we should develop this habit since childhood so as to we couldn't feel trouble in life.

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    I am a staunch votary and is vocal for savings habit. In many earlier posts on or related to financial provision and safety, I had stood for regular savings habit. I had also repeated again and again that whatever normal financial stability I could have is only because of my prudent spending and savings habit.
    I had also mentioned that I started saving (even if it was a few coins) from my childhood as early as when I was just ten years.

    Please see my comments on this article and also on this article

    I have also spoke for savings habit in my responses to various threads and I am quoting a few threads as below.

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    Savings is a good habit which will come to our help as a cushion and provision. Savings habit is one of the essential financial disciplines we have to cultivate. The earlier it is imbibed the better.

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    A rich need not to think of saving. They have plenty money. Saving is not applicable to them
    A poor has nothing to save. They suffer without money for a square meal. Saving is a question to them. From where to save?
    It is only the middle class people who need to think about saving. And it is a must for them to save money. It is also possible for them to save money by curtailing unnecessary expenditure and by leading a budget life.

    In schools, this should be a subject, and the necessity of saving should be taught to the students.
    How to earn, how to spend, how to save, how to enjoy life etc should be the lessons taught in schools.

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    On the world saving day my best wishes to all my fellow countrymen and friends who are the best voters and supporters of saving in their own way and thus paving a strong message to the young world that nothing comes handy than saving during the crisis. Gone are those days when the farm income were put in the boxes of dal and rice so that they can used in emergencies. With the absence of banks , the farmers used to save money for future even in the mud pots and that was good habit. When we were children the Andhra Bank came with Piggy bank concept where in they brought in a doll and asked the school children to drop coins given for their daily expense by the parents and thus in a small way the saving habit was inculcated and during this covid pandemic those who saved little money in banks were the winners.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is becoming increasingly difficult to meet daily needs due to rising inflation. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to add something to your uncertain future. But in such a situation the need for savings increases further. Saving is essential for any person and those who are intelligent and responsible never deny its importance. It may be that you have everything today and worrying about the future seems futile, or it could be That you are still not able to live a contented life and think that you should live today first. If you avoid this, think about the future. But perhaps you forget that the future is uncertain. It is not under your control. Maybe the circumstances are not in your favor or worse than today.
    Swati Sharma

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