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    Do you think that 'simple living is high thinking' is an outdated concept?

    Simple living is high thinking is a wise old saying. Usually, the men who are wiser and intelligent live a simple life. But today, the people who have high thinking are leading a luxurious life. The CEO's of a large organization are 'High living with high thinking'. The poets, teachers or writers also focus upon self-grooming. In the modern society, everybody wants to be recognized and becoming presentable. Do, you think that people respect you if you lead a simple life or label you as a person who is not well-groomed and presented?

    With regards,
    Swati Sarnobat
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    I favour the 'simple living is high thinking' life style. I think it is still relevant even though not every one is following this life style. There are many such core values which are slowly being discontinued by people. But that does not mean that they are to be relegated and rejected. They still have value for ever.
    Just for a practical example in the current scenario of the Covid Pandemic, we have experienced by ' incurring heavy cost' how wrong we were in disobeying and ridiculing some old time tested core value lifestyles.
    If we err again, we may have to pay still higher cost and that will be a costly lesson.

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    No notion, theory, views, ideology is ever eliminated , however, it may get dimmed over the time but it always remains alive. Simple living and high thinking has its own solid and unshaken roots. Due to ongoing trends and ways of worldwide social system what is pretentious is heeded to can't shake 'simple living and high thinking' way of life. Leave all aside, It all depends on how we look into this matter. If you follow the crowd you are among them, if you love your own views and prefer to take your own path, nobody can budge you from your stand. I'm not a sequacious to any of the social trend, this is why I don't jump upon bandwagon. For not being sequacious of crowd opposition, banter, satire and lots more unfavourable kind of remarks are inevitable, nevertheless, people of sterling faith remain unmoved and unaffected.

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    It is true that in today's world this statement can not suit to that extent because people are living a fake life nowadays, but in reality, the height of thoughts is only a kind of simplicity of life. People whose thoughts are high, always give more importance to good works. While doing this, they neither care nor the time to impress the outside world. Their thoughts and actions, rather, the whole life remains as a model of simplicity at the level of behavior. Its direct meaning connects with personality and character. Some people are spiritually knowledgeable. We are so impressed by his thoughts and actions that it is difficult to describe. There is neither fanfare nor artificiality nor any kind of fashion or ego in the lives of such persons.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    Simple living and high thinking is the old proverb but still it is relevant. This style allows to think many issues including judicious use of our money. If we go deeply analysing the proverb, we would learn many valuable things. We would like to replace a TV set, being old and outdated, though on the performance angle, it is as good as the latest version. For the same kind of service, we have to shell out enough money to get a new one. The same thing is applicable for Sofa, Fridge, Dining table and so on. Replacing all would need substantial money which otherwise we could have reserved for the medical expenses needed all of sudden. We can have the right perception only if we stick to this proverb providing us the vision to choose the right steps.

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    Rightly said by the author. Simple living and high thinking is an old proverb. It is very nice to hear. But, it doesn't suit in modern life. People are contrasted to this saying. New generation people believe in showing their status at any cost. They may have high thinking but never use in practical life. Their ideology is limited up to thinking only. Nowadays everybody wants to live life lavishly. So, indeed it is an outdated concept.

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    Simple living is gone luxury living is in, High thinking is gone self centered thinking is in. Take any one of the present generation it is the fact they they work for the self interest, self goal, make their life hassle free and wants to have maximum enjoyment with maximum comforts as they are earning that much. One of my friend daughter who is earning good income as software professional changes the cell phones often and go for the new models. And spending huge amount on gadgets is not worth thinking and when her parents question her she says her income, and her style to have new gadgets. Poor parents they are unable to open their mouth and make existence silently but she looks after them being only daughter. What I mean to say that simple living with present generation is the gone matter and high living is the present matter.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Simple living and high thinking will have its value always. But these people may not appreciate this concept. They feel one should live rich based on their status.
    A pen is required to write. The pen may be cheap or costly. The same purpose it will serve. So I feel a good pen which writes legibly without any problem may do good for us. CEO can also use the same pen and others can also use the same brand. If necessary we can have the colour code that the CEO has to use red ink and others will use blue or black. This will serve the purpose. A CEO need not think that he should not use a less costly pen.
    But these days there is a lot of show-offs is there and the people want to project themselves as VIP with their behaviour. We can't find fault with them also. They have the required resources and hence they are living in that way. As long as they are not causing any damage or loss to a third party we need not find fault with the people who want to make their presence felt by others.

    always confident

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