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    Want to know the exact problem

    The above mentioned is my article link. Want to know why this article is rejected? Want to know the exact reason.

    I have done this article in the word and have copies it and pasted it in your posting. I have not copied it from google.
    It will be helpful if you pls let us know me the exact reason.
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    Madhumita, which is the article you are referring to? Please provide the URL. I could not locate any article in your profile.
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    I could not paste the url here as it is telling that
    URLs and Hyperlinks are allowed only for regular and active contributors of this website. If you are looking for including URLs of any business you are associated with, you must become a regular contributor of this website by sharing non-promotional content.
    My recipe is Recipe for Tasty Bhindi Jhal and it is mentioned in my alerts.
    So what to do...

    Want to know the exact problem which will be very helpful for me to write better.

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    Here is your LINK that you are not able to copy and paste it here. It is deleted by the editors as poor quality. Am I right with your URL?

    Let the concerning editor explain the reason for deletion.

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    Please refer to the this announcement about moving towards an academic niche and henceforth submit only the topics related to education/academics as indicated in the announcement. Do not submit recipes at all. We will request editors to henceforth mention this if this is the reason for rejecting an article.

    Sun - thanks for providing the link for quick reference.

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    Madhumita, please do not feel disappointed as you can contribute in so many sections here and the creative journey in this portal is not for a shot time. Members are here even contributing since 10-12 years. I was also contributing recipes earlier and from last year I discontinued that as was advised and then I focussed to write articles on educational matters. It takes time to learn and produce them but once the emphasis of site is on education field, we have to mould ourselves in that line only. You can update educational information like courses in a college, edit an existing college, submit old question papers, and many other activities. Please participate in the contests - so many of them every month. So, stay here for a longer time and contribute and learn the art of creative writing. Please take it in a sporting way as I am only sharing my experience with you.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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