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    Command: A line of control (LOC) between us and others

    A command is an authoritative order that is often given from the authority or by a dominate person from an upper hierarchy to the lower one. It is always in a form of one way traffic which just moves from top to bottom or in a single lane. When we talk about command and its relation with LOC, we can just imagine it as something that we like to get but do not want to follow. When we are on the upper hand, we want everyone to follow the orders or command that we give but on the other hand, when we are at the receiving end, we always grouch about the person giving it.

    In a family, we have always seen our elders commanding the youngsters or the young in the family and we follow it even if we do not like it. In school and college, we get commands from principle, teachers/professors, leaders, monitors etc. At work, we get commands from our managers, HOD, team-leader, superiors, etc. When we are at the receiving end, we feel powerless and forced upon but at the same time, when we are at the commanding end, we feel insulted or disrespected when they don't follow our command.

    A command should not always be an order but told in a respectful manner where the other person feel included than forced upon. The best way to command is to be an example and set by our leaders and God in our scriptures. When we want others to follow our command, we need to be an example by following command that is given or set in our family, school or college or at the workplace. Let the command be just a name but be put forward in request to make things work.

    (This is my entry for the Topic based TOW contest for Oct '20 month-end- Topic- 'Command')
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    The concept of commands at various levels of our life at home and office was well explained by the author the LOC for the first time used other than the actual meaning of it. While the Line of actual control is the International demarcation between the two enemy countries to which they have to abide and follow the ceasefire rules. But that command is often misused by the enemy country thereby inviting wrath from our forces to punish them. Likewise the LOC from the elders towards the family members also works very well as the good elders always churned out the great children in their own strict way so that the children would not drift away from the path of set rules and prestige of the family and the same way the LOC by the head of the department in office also clearly demarcates and indulge in right work for the right employee.
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    The author is absolutely right. We should always aware of this line of control called command. Often we saw that people never want to understand others' points of view and just try to overlap their own thoughts and values on others by commanding them. When we talk about control, we should control ourselves first then only we should try to control someone else. Anyway, no one can be won by control. The command is also considered only when its manner and purpose is in one's interest.
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    There are many ways to execute our authority. Commands will come from top to bottom. When we receive a command we will feel that the other person is troubling us. But when we give a command we never think about the feelings of the receiver.
    When we have to get some work done in a team and when we are the leader, we will have the responsibility of completing the work successfully. There are different ways to see that other people do their part correctly. We can work as a mentor or guide and see that other members will do the work in a proper way. The team members will always be happy to work with such a leader.
    We can also command them to do what we say. Under force, they may work and complete the work. But they feel that the leader is more commanding and not cooperating with them.
    Standing in the front and leading the team is the best way of commanding work from others.

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    The author has put up the concept of line of control very nicely while explaining about the fundamentals of the command mechanism. Command is a necessary thing for keeping the discipline and getting the tasks done as per the assignment given to different people in an organisation or even in a family where many members live together. The person who is commanding has to be well aware of his limits and should function within the amicable boundaries and get the things done or get obeyed by others in a congenial and accommodative environment. That is the real test of a senior person who is in commanding position. Because one is in that position does not necessarily mean that he can give orders in a random and haphazard way as per his whims and fancies. A commander has to be logical in his approach.
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    The author has very well explained all levels of command. LOC (Line of control) is used for the boundary of two countries but the author has used this term for demarcation between commander and commandee. But I think LAC ( Line of actual control) could be more pertinent for it.

    Commanding subordinates is not sufficient unless this command is carried out in a systematic way. In a business organization this whole process is not difficult to be carried out because of fear of terminwation, suspension, demotion but in a family, the whole dispensation of command is subject to moral obligation. Our society is patriarchal, so, generally, it's the father who commands and controls all family members but if his authority is challenged by any black sheep the whole dispensation gets disarrayed.

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    The term LOC has lots of rules and regulations attached to it by nature and the same way the those who has the niche to command on others has to be in the ambit of applied rules.
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    I agree that command is a one way traffic as it flows from top to bottom only. It is the prerogative of the commander to command his people. He will be using his own perspective for making commands time to time.
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