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    Our kids are upgraded version of old softwares i.e. Us

    We know of softwares and also know that many updated versions of the software comes from to time. Our kids are almost like that. They are the updated and upgraded version of ourselves.

    As an updated software tries to take the best features of old software and also remove the bugs if any, similarly kids get all the features of parents and parents in turn try to provide their kids the best of qualities they can inculcate in them, they also try to provide kids with what they were not able to get in their time, keep them away from bad and odd things that may harm or impact them negatively.

    This upgrade is somewhat natural i.e. taken care of by nature itself and rest we try to build it up in them. Most of the times our kids prove to be much better than us but sometimes the software upgrade fails.

    What do member see in their kids when they compare them with own self?
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    Nice thread from the author as the children take our legacy further to their future and beyond and this is what we called the Khandan or the Vamsham and so on. Everyone wants their family legacy be taken further and spread so that the fathers, forefathers would be grateful that some one has cared and taken their traits further. The kids are more polished than our looks, they behave most updated than ourselves in their age and above all they are well informed than us and that is why they could understand the commands of the cell phones so easily and we try to search for the solutions. When a child is born either from the paternal side or the maternal side would comment on their kind of looks and some children at the age of five would pursue the legacy of great fathers and thus the blood in them would fortify further.
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    True. Every parent wants his/her wards to be better in all aspects of life. They will try for that and see that their children will acquire good habits.
    The software will be upgraded from time to time and the designer will see that the software will be created with more additional features.
    But in case of a human being, we have no chance to design the future of the kids the way we wanted. But we can try and see that they will be directed in that way. We should remember that we can take a horse to the pond but we can't make it to drink. In the same way sometimes even though we try with good intentions, our children may not respond positively and may behave differently.
    The machine and the language hear whatever you say but a human being may not do that 100%. He will use his brain also which can't be avoided.

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    While comparing ourselves with the kids, they are far better than ourselves in terms of intellectual per suits. In that way, our dream to make them updated is achieved. The kids have excellent command in the mobile operation and other gadgets where as in our case, it has taken a lot of times to operate the different features.
    We have given them enough guidance in the different issues including teaching in some of the subjects but their concepts are certainly better than ours due to their different orientation.
    Such achievements of our kids make us satisfied and think that they are the upgraded versions of ourselves.

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    This is really an interesting as well as amusing post by the author. Kids would feel happy knowing that. Actually the growth and intellect of a child depends on some factors like heredity, growing up environment, learning at home and at school, learning from the surroundings and society. The ultimate build up of the child is the resultant of all these factors and in most of the cases it is true that they have more awareness and knowledge than we had when we were kids in our times as we did not have exposure to so many things which were yet to be invented by science and technology. Still, there are some grey areas like genetics, bringing up, and exposure to bad society which sometimes create disaster of some kind making the child not an upgraded version but even not equal to some of the earlier versions. It is then a difficult and adverse situation for the parents and there are many cases like that. So we have to keep that exception in our mind when we are generalising this formula for the new generation.
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