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    Should we say things directly or not?

    Some people are not able to speak things directly and a small thing becomes big in this way. To raise the matter in such a way that it is very big and has some other meaning, but in the end, it means something else. Many times, people do not talk about the matter directly to prove themselves good. I believe that the good that we do today will probably be forgotten tomorrow, but we should do good, in the same way, honesty and candor can sometimes harm you, still be honest and candid.
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    If the listener has the capacity to digest the direct way of talking then saying the trust with honest and candid is the best way to combat the outcome if any. No one likes to be talked from the side lines or back stage. Some are ready to face the criticism on their face and even ready to give the reply because they before hand gauged the complaints would pour in and readied themselves to reply. Those who are frank enough in their statements and do not mins words are liked by the wise people and they need not tell the false nor take the help of lies in future. So frankness is the best trait.
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    That depends on the situation and the person with whom you are dealing. The main point should be to make the other person understand what you are telling. You should choose your self the way which suits. Sometimes conveying the message diplomatically may give good results. Sometimes we have to say directly also if the situation demands. If a senior to you did a mistake and if you go and tell him straight, his ego may get hurt. So you have to choose an indirect route so that the message you want to convey will get conveyed.
    If your boss tells you something if you say directly that his idea is bad and may not work out, he will feel bad and wait for a chance to take revenge on you. In such situations, you may have to act tactfully and wait for some time and discuss with him in a cool manner. That may make him realise the problems in his ideas and may allow for some amendments.

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