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    Take the initiative, don't always wait for a command

    In some situations, it is imperative to wait for a command, such as in a war zone where the troops wait for the signal to attack from the one leading them, or in the launch of a satellite where the support team waits for the directive to start the process. Even in the corporate world, employees will wait for instructions for particular tasks from the higher-ups. Impetuous decisions in such cases are likely to be harmful, as strategies will have been drawn up to start or launch something in a particular way, at a particular time.

    However, there are other situations where you can take the initiative to do something and not wait around for somebody in authority to give the command. Take the recent migrant crisis. Many individuals and NGOs took the initiative to help them in multiple ways, not waiting for directives from the Govt. that so and so steps should be taken. Another case is seeing somebody hurt on the roadside. A crowd will surround the individual, talking about calling an ambulance or taking the injured person to a nearby hospital, with nobody doing anything. Instead of being a mere bystander in that gaggle, it would help to take the initiative and not wait for somebody else to take the first step and issue directions to organize the needful arrangements.

    It thus requires quick assessment and taking a decision independent of an order from somebody that can prove beneficial in some situations. A command is not always required.

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    Very interesting post and there are many people who do not have necessary courage to take decisions and then they always wait for the superior or boss to direct them and then they will do it wholeheartedly thinking that once boss has approved it, there is no problem. These people do not want to take any risk of getting banged by the boss in case they fail in their task. At the same time they should know that boss can always bang them in spite of the fact that he only ordered for the same. Still these people are like that. On the other hand there are people who except in some critical situations always take their own decision and inform the management about the happenings accordingly. It is definitely a great quality to do so but all are not gifted with this capability. Only a person who is confident can do so.
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    Good thought emanated from the author as the initiation is the great process to start the work without expecting the command to say so, Whether right or wrong, the work has to be started because the situation demands so and we cannot wait for some one to command the same work later. Some would feel awkward to listen to orders from others advise on starting, instead they themselves would initiate the work drawing applause even from the high persons. But the work thus commenced should be confident and within the frame work of rules and guidelines so that nothing can be pointed out as wrong.
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    True. We need not wait for somebody to command you. You can start making decisions and go ahead. But here clarity is required about our boundaries. We should never cross these boundaries to make decisions and implement. That is why in Corporate situations the job profile, authorities and responsibilities are defined very clearly and with that limits an employee can go ahead with his work and need not wait for somebody to come and blow the whistle.
    Personally, we are our own bosses and we take any decision and implement the same as long as it not hurting somebody. When you are going in a car and an old man asks for a lift, you can take your own decision to give a lift to him and need not wait for a command from your family members.
    So employees out of their eagerness and enthusiasm sometimes they may be forgetting the boundaries and maybe hearing from the bosses. This is also not good.

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    As far as the Indian force is concerned they are abide by command of their officers. but if the war breaks out nobody can take the decision except the Highest authority of the country because of chain & command system.

    In corporate sector all the employees' responsibilities and rights are well-defined. They know when and in which issues they are authorised to take decision to command their subordinates without waiting for the command from higher authority.

    Helping Migrants and any injured person in accidents as author has mentioned depends on person to person. Nobody can cammand you if you are not interested to help people. It's your own proclivity which urges you to help the people who need your help.

    Helping others is a praiseworthy act which inspires onlookers too to help needy people. I see many people who are self-starters don't require any suggestions, encouragement, inspiration to sucour people in need. They take initiatives to come forward for such good cause. It's their innate propensity which inspires them to do so.

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    It is correct. Taking the first step is very important in certain situations which are well described in the thread though there are many who cannot work without a little push from others. I think, at times we forget that each one of us has a role to play towards others and society and we hesitate to take actions without instructions. We always need to gauge the situation and act accordingly and need not wait for instructions from others. We need to apply our minds and should not be habituated to only follow the commands of the authorities/seniors.

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    When we are clear what to do and how to do then waiting for the command from the senior person is not required. We should have some decision making capability at least to some extent if not fully. If we have any doubt or confusion in our minds then it becomes necessary to take the suggestion or opinion of the senior in that respect to avoid any unwanted situation or repercussion later in the matter.
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    The writer has given us an inner meaning of the word command where at one place we cannot act without a command from the upper belt and in the second place we need to give ourself the command to do that work as any delay can be very critical.

    There are many situations in life that we come across where we have to wait for an orders from top to executive the task and it can be in our families, friend circle, in institutions or at workplaces. There are also some time that we need to take the decision ourself to save the situation. It can at times work in our favor and at times cause havoc but is the need of the hour.

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