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    The roads are brimming with the usual traffic

    Chennai is almost back to normal. There are sales. Yes, the volumes have come down, but the crowds on roads do not seem to suggest anything abnormal at all. There is complacency that the virus is almost gone (Chennai has recorded around 800 new infections per day, possibly the lowest among the other big metro cities for ten days now). People do not wear masks at all. Weddings are being conducted with certain restrictions. In Ranipet District, a mere two hours drive on the National Highway, the infections are less than 50 every day.

    Perhaps our people have now learned to live with the virus. Spending on essentials does not seem to be coming down drastically. For instance, people buying ghee for Diwali sweets seems to have increased manifold, if we go by the feedback from the retailers. So, the good times are back, to some extent. However, much more needs to be done by the Government at the Centre, which has actually ruined the economy systematically over the past six odd years. The rebuilding has to start now. Traffic on the roads is one indicator that things are slowly coming back to normal.
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    In Hyderabad too, we are having the life back to normal except local buses not running to full route capacity and the metro trains not operating too many trains. People are mending their own vehicles. doing their shopping, having dining at the hotels but the cinema theaters are not yet open. What I could see that the spending spree of the people has increased, purchasing gold during the festive season never thought it would happen and I feel many are struggling to get their normal salaries and yet braving to put their best foot forward among the lots so that nothing seems to be difficult.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    True. Today morning I just went out for a look around and to purchase some goods. My granddaughter was also there with me in the car. All the roads are full of traffic and people are moving freely. Sharing autos are full of passengers and nobody is bothering about the mask. I went to a petrol bunk for fuel. The lady there was not wearing the mask. advised her to wear the mask and then only I asked my driver to get down and ask for the filling of the tank.
    The life has become normal and people may be having fear inside but they are not restricting themselves to houses. They understood that they have to live with the virus.
    Even in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana also the number positive cases are coming down but testing levels are maintained. All over the country also there is a reduction and the cases reported are less than 40, 000.
    The things are coming to normal and we are finding people in restaurants also and on the roadside tiffin house also. It is good if the virus will not visit us again.

    always confident

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