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    Control your jealousy and everything else falls into place

    When a person is jealous of somebody, he or she starts comparing himself or herself with that person. Naturally, the process of feeling inferior also tends to be associated with systematic attempts to create some hurdle or the other for the person concerned, who may be a high achiever or someone who has been successful due to his or her hard work.

    It is not that every human being is jealous of anyone or someone around him or her. However, some research has indicated that three out of ten persons naturally have this dangerous habit or emotion. If it remains a mere emotion, there are chances that the person is likely to come out of this problem. If it becomes a habit, it becomes more dangerous. The person makes it a point to plot something against someone who is the target of his or her jealousy, on an everyday basis. The horrible television serials shown in several languages do show several ways for such people to do some harm or the other -- big or small.

    And then a series of actions follow. This is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. The best course is to control it and start believing in his or her own ability. Psychologists call this positive affirmation. If we start saying to ourselves that we are capable and that we are winners, the chemistry that works within ourselves will automatically take us forward. We need to have an action plan for this and then throw away jealousy totally.
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    Nice thread from the author as we have to control our feelings, jealousy and also give space for the others to grow because we need a competitor to prove ourselves and what is the use of this life without noticing our traits and achievements and simply doing something on our own. Jealousy is the worst character some have because they cannot prove to the level of that opposite person who has proven the achievement and instead of appreciating some would pull the performance to the mean level and criticize it on many counts. One thing is sure a true performer would not give credence to jealous factor because it comes out as natural outburst and does not have the sanctity and therefore he or she need not worry if someone displays the displeasure of performance and even if that to be taken as granted, take as the blessing for future commitments and winning note. Because jealousy would also prove to be blessings for some.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Instead of controlling our jealousy if we take it as a positive issue and use this for our development, it will be good. When we see somebody doing better than us we may feel jealous. But with that jealousy, we should not try to harm the other person or try for his downfall. We should analyse ourselves to see why we are not able to perform like the other person. Where is the difference and if we can correct those points we may also reach his performance levels? But unfortunately, we will never do that. We will try to defame the other person by creating rumours about him and we will spend our time in thinking how to defame the other person. This will make us more ineffective and we have to face failures and the other person will be progressing in his own way. So how you handle your jealousy is more important rather than not feeling jealousy.
    It is always better not to compare ourselves with others and always better to plan on our own and try to get the best possible result.

    always confident

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    I think the upbringings play some role here. Many parents have the habit of comparing their kids with others and they even scold their kids if they cannot perform well like their peers. While this can lead to tenacity to win all the time, this may also make the child jealous. The tenacity to win every time is good but jealousy will always work against the person. If one is jealous of others there may be a tendency to harm the other person which will not help the person in any way. This will also distract the person from doing any task and the only intention of the person can be to disrupt the progress of others through various means. There is no need to worry about what others are doing. Be yourself and give your best in whatever you are doing.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Having jealousy for someone for his success, prosperity, fame, knowledge, popularity, talent, wealth, happiness etc is a dangerous disease which burns one's whole body inside. He wants to see him deprived thereof. Reality is that he doesn't harm him but himself.

    I have a very simple treatment of this disease. Suppose I'm jealous of someone because of his achievement. I'll say it to myself, " May God bless him with more achievements" or if it's due to his wealth, then, "May God bless him with more and more wealth" and so on.

    However, healthy rivalry or competition is good. It inspires and encourages us to perform better than our rival or competitor.

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    Jealousy is a word that worsens a human's own life and also creates panic in the lives of others. If you cannot give happiness or happiness to anyone, then at least do not live by seeing the happiness and happiness of others. If you do not want to be happy or do not be right, do not be happy, but do not burn yourself in the fire of jealousy after seeing someone's happiness. It is often seen in a society that someone is moving forward, someone is progressing, the name is getting good, then most people will get to see those who will think first, how the path of people moving forward Be made. How to let them down. How to make fun of them in society and how to take away their happiness. There are very few people who feel happy or happy when they see someone progressing. It is wrong for anyone to have feelings of jealousy for any reason, we all have our own specialties, recognize them, and be happy.
    Swati Sharma

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