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    How to bring an end to our india-China border disputes?

    Every problem has a solution. But we are finding difficulty in finding out a solution to a problem. The problem is the border dispute between India and China. Repeated talks in the Military level and political level are taking place, but the talks fail without any conclusive decision.

    Do you have anything in your mind? What is the action that would find a solution to end this major problem between India and China? Don't recommend war. War is not a good solution.
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    At present China is fuming with the sanctions from US and India and their products and services have no takers across the world and had the severe beating on the economy and moreover the Covid virus has taken the toll and prestige of that country being accused as the virus spreader of the world. In this back drop China unable to hold to any friends within the striking range and they want a friend immediately. If India could change its stand, If US could come to its rescue, surely China will raise back and that would even end the so called border disputes created by the dragon country on its own and not sought for.
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    China has become a strong force because of the developmental activities took place in that country. Industrially they are grown a lot and they are able to make the products cheap as manpower is very cheap there. So their products got good demand and they are earning a lot of revenue. The best way to bring them down is to non-cooperation with them. We should not have any business tie-ups with them. We should not allow any imports from that country to our country.
    We should encourage industrial houses from other countries to India by providing them with all amenities at a lower cost. Then our country will become a production hub and we will earn a lot of revenue. That will make China think about its relation with our country and they will definitely feel that India should support them. That will kame them to change their attitude and all the disputes between the two countries will get sorted out.

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    This dispute is very old and already China has grabbed some land which originally belonged to us. The problem with China is that it is not a reliable country and anytime can deceive its neighbours. We have seen it happening in past and it would repeat in future also. India is a peace loving country and tried its best to have peace with China but every time China changes its stand and creates an unhealthy situation.
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    India - China dispute is an old age problem and is not so easy to resolve. Though the basic reason for this is of course the expansion policy of China and its expertise in grabbing the lands of the neighbouring countries. China has many disputes with Japan and it has boundary problems with Siberia and Russia. Hong Kong does not want to amalgamate with it. So, China is strategically putting pressure in all the sides. Chinese diplomacy believes in the mantra of 'Offence is the best defence'. They have also a big population which they want to spread to other places for survival. How can we have no dispute or conflict with it?
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