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    Command reflects your capability to lead and inspire

    We see person who command certain measures has already achieved the inspiring feat in life and made his presence felt in a particular organisation. People acknowledge such person and look to acquire the quality of the person and listen to what he suggests. A person working in any organisation who has achieved some milestones in life is promoted to a better position not to be a dictator but a guide to inspire people, and command them for better direction. Such a person becomes visionary and reflective for others. Subordinates see him as a teacher, guide and a role model in an organization who instructs and explains them about a particular problem and the solution.
    The command doesn't mean being a dictator and force subordinates do what is beyond their capacity. Neither does it mean sitting on a comfortable couch giving orders to the people. One can be at the hierarchy in a company to provide information to lower-ranking officers to help what would be the best the entity. A person in command achieves responsibility after long efforts and becomes an inspiration for others. People always listen and look at such a commanding personality for valuable suggestion. A person commanding actually reflects his capability to lead and his problem-solving skills.
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    Nice thread from the author connecting the tow topic. A commander does not get that position simply without doing any superlative work in the past. He was believed, trusted, and had immense faith on his way of work and thus given more responsibility to lead the team, team of performers , team of well wishers and above all team of go-getters. Because a commander not only leads a formidable team but also inspires the team mates to work smart and work decisively. That is the reason being so the commander of any force has the meaning, responsibility and the result oriented tag with him.
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    Very nice narration and post from the author. It is not easy to get into a commanding position. A lot of hard work and dedication and focus is required to reach that position. I say a commander should command the work and see that it will go in the right direction. He need not command the people. He can guide the people. In guiding and getting the work he should use his skill and see that the outcome is as he expected. Simply passing on the commands and asking the people to work may not give you the outcome you wanted.
    You will be a good commander only when you can get the desired outcome. A commander has to be good with his subordinates and pat them on their back when they did work precisely and divert them in the right way if they are going in the wrong direction. Such a commander will be respected by all his team members.

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    Such persons are always respected for the command they have. Indeed it is not any kind of dictatorship but something that will let others act. It has a vision and goal and the person who executes the command is sure that it will not go in vain. It indicates how responsible the person having the command has to be. Though this comes with experience, everybody cannot have that command. Those who have, are truly inspiring and most of the time lead the way.

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    It is very true that a commanding person who have achieved his/her position where people looks at them as a teacher, guide and a role model, such people reflects their capability to lead and inspire due to their hard work and dedication in their respective field. When a person reaches the level when people admire him/her as a role model, then we can be sure that any command that they give will be for the good of that person, institute or company. Such people are a backbone to any entity and would be a motivator, inspiration and a well wishes who would always be there when that are required and would always give their best for learning and gain knowledge if we want to prosper in our work. They are an asset to the institute or company that they work for and is always admired by all. Let us look at their command as a way of learning and improve our knowledge and skills for our overall growth.
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