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    Why not ISC starts its own client ads and share revenue with us?

    At present we are governed by the Google adsense and our earnings are based on the ad revenue created from that web portal arrangements. Since we have formidable members who are creating good threads and posts to draw the international interest on the internet , why not ISC try a slot of ads exclusively for the member concerned page and the admin so that more revenue between them can be generated and we need not even care for the Google adsense which has become problematic of late with complaints of deductions and even payments not forthcoming.
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    I agree with Mohan Sir that more revenue channels may be formed on this platform, including using an Indian ad network. However I'm not aware of any companies here in our country that share revenue with website owners. What do other members have to say on this?

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    Ryyu companies need to place the ads and the revenue sharing agreements would be with the member and the ISC.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A website can directly talk to some advertisers for this arrangement and seems to be a possibility but only thing is that the site should have sufficient number of visitors to sustain that otherwise the advertising company would not be able to pay the commensurate money to the site. Actually some big sites have that arrangement but there are certain parameters like the advertising rates fluctuating and greatly changing with the views. A high view article will attract higher rate while a low view article will get only pennies for it. So all those issues will be there which the site owners might be knowing well. The only way to increase revenue is the quality which attracts more views. Whatever model we think upon that is the basic yardstick. If all the contributing members of a site try their best to upload quality content with an intention of pulling up the viewership then only some revenue gain can be expected. Owners can only get the site designed in a particular fashion for ease of viewing or things like that. It is the high quality material contributed by the members which ultimately matters for revenue generation. Nowadays content is available in so many sites but what matters is whose content is the best.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Umesh I do agree that ads are subjected to visits and site popularity and I am sure ISC has that standing in the market as regards search of information is concerned.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I feel the site has to do a lot of work if it has to get advertisements on its own. There should be a separate team to interact with the advertisers and get the advertisements. It is never a one time job and is a continuous job. Old advertisers may stop continuing their add and we should get a new one. This is as good as marketing a product.
    More viewers may visit the site if the articles or other postings are quality postings. But how the advertiser will come to know about the site. A lot of networking is required I think. Anyhow if the site can do it and get it, definitely it will be an advantage to the site as well as the members also.

    always confident

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    From the above discussion we can conclude that whatever maybe the case the contributors of content must make sure that the content must be of high quality so as to assure that ad networks may reward the website with greater revenue and in turn the content creators are benefited thereof.

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    I agree with your inference and just want to mention one more thing that the advertising market has become very competitive as the advertisers have also got opportunities to select the site of their choice. Moreover there are biddings also for advertising rates and the advertiser which bids highest is taken by the site for publishing its advertisement and in that process the advertisers bid so less that sometimes the profit margins are too low and many sites are not able to transfer the revenue benefit to its members. Even the big sites in internet are facing these difficulties. I have seen one site where there are about 6 lakh articles contributed by its members and only 80000 out of it are able to attract traffic. So the revenue sharing is going to only a few members and others are not getting it. These are the real life happenings at places and we must be aware of these ground realties.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I would be happy if such a thing happens as for reasons unknown I am not able to get the Adsense account so far. Moreover, as other members have opined time and again that the Addense earnings are much reduced.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Competition is always a point and how to deal with that is again the skill of each organisation. There may be different ways and the think tank of the organisation will plan a strategy and implement so that their profitability will not suffer due to competition.
    I also tried for Adsense but I couldn't get it. Now I stopped applying for it. The site will always see how to increase their revenue and satisfy the members so that their members will be happy and they contribute more to the development of the site. Let us all try our best so that the site will earn more revenue and we all will get benefitted.

    always confident

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