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    The powerful but silent command

    The world is running on commands. In almost every aspect of life, somebody plays the role of a commander though the term commander is more suitable for military actions. Any command has the authority and the executioner executes the command. Anybody cannot command and it is reserved for particular people. Whether it is in the military, your workplace or the family there are a few persons who manage that role very well. While many commands have their special tone and tenor there are commands which are absolutely silent. Those particular commands are also executed silently but have enough power to change the way things function. Nowadays many of us depend on those commands and interestingly we all can give those commands. You do not require a commanding voice or the authority but may require special permissions to give those commands. You might be wondering what those powerful commands I am talking about are or how you can start giving commands. Well, if you are using the Windows operating system, press the Windows key +R on your keyboard and the run box will open. Type 'cmd' on the run box and press the Enter key. There you will get the command prompt. On the command prompt, type the command 'systeminfo' and you will get all the information related to the system you are using.

    You are right! I was talking about computer commands. Nowadays, we cannot imagine life without a computer and while using a computer for various purposes you need to give it some commands to execute a task and hence I think I haven't said anything wrong in the very first line of the thread.

    This is an entry to the TOW contest.
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    Right. Laptops and computers are now very common and we will find these in almost all houses in cities. The computer functions exactly the way it has to work if you give the correct command. It will never think that the command given is given by mistake and it will complete its work. You need not shout or beat but you should touch softly at the right button or buttons. So a commander should be sure of the commands he has to give. Otherwise, the outcome may be completely opposite. So here also the commander should have command on the subject and command properly. A very nice thread using the word command. Every one of us is considered to be a commander with respect to our computer or Laptop and we command silently for the proper function of the computer.
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    These are very useful commands and we learned them long back when we learned the basics of DOS and Windows. These commands are very basic but packed with powerful functioning and give us scope to find out many things.
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    The writer is absolutely right when he says that we cannot imagine life without a computer that executes the given task by getting some commands without saying a word but through his hand. It is can be said that the written words or script is a very powerful but silent command that helps the system or computer to execute what we need as output in a fraction of second.

    While reading the first part of the post, the first thing that came to my mind is the head of the family "Father. " A silent person who hardly talks but keeps the house protected and every need met. Have anyone stood in front of their father after getting complaints from school or neighbour's, there would be dead silence and he may utter few words. When we are at a party, out or at any function, have you ever seen his silent command only with his eye that tells us what to do or what not to do? So I would say, as the computer executes according to the command received silently from the programmer or its user, we also perform as per the silent command received from our father. The most powerful but silent commander that everyone has.

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