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    How you all celebrating diwali festival of this year

    Soo as you all know that diwali festival is coming soon.
    So this diwali what is your plan.?
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    Welcome Aayushi to this educational portal and you have raised an interesting post but as most of us are bogged down and in a subdued state due to ongoing pandemic which is surging up again and again whenever we become lenient in observing the precautions. So, we will be celebrating Diwali in our houses and would not go out and would not socialise with others as social distancing is still very much required if we want to tame this threat in time and contain it. So one can have Puja and celebrations within the family and it is advisable not to mingle with people and make a gathering just for fun. Hope members agree with my view.

    Incidentally, you being a new member, we hope that you would go through the help section here, learn the basics about this site and contribute in different sections and participate in activities here to improve your writing skills for which this site is particularly reputed and known in the writers circle. I wish you all the good time in this site and keep contributing.

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    No big plan. Simple celebration. Worship God at home. No fireworks. Simple eats. Simple wears. No movements. No guest sweets.
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    There cannot be big plans in any homes except in those houses where the newly wedded would be celebrating for the first time this great festival. As the salaries are not upgraded, for some the salaries are on hold, and some got the first half salaries are coping with daily life with hand to mouth existence and if any wind fall is possible during these days can only pave way for the grand celebrations of the festival. By the way taking out new dress has become the easy activities for us now due to online selection and accepting the items, but for that a good amount is needed for the entire family and what I feel that as and when one gets the good amount on the hand, that day can be celebrated as Deepavali and till then hold the breath for the not so good festivities which may come on the way of next year even. This is the reality at many homes.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    This Diwali is not going give me any cheer because of prevailing pandemic situation. There are lot of employees working in different MNC, having lost their jobs and some teachers in the schools are getting half salaries. If the same situation prevails for long, we would witness more retrenchment and lay offs. The entire scenario of the market would be lacklustre where money circulation would be sluggish. The overall situation would be grim and so we would be witnessing Diwala phase instead of Diwali.
    We can pray to God the present phase should be short lived so as to enjoy Diwali next year in a joyous mood.

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    Just now I had raised a post in the Study village that this time take the children to the orphaned homes during the festival and see the glow of smile and happiness in the face of those who are discarded and not cared.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In our house, we are all thinking that we should not go for firecrackers. The smoke coming from is not good for lungs and already COVID 19 is there. Added to this if lungs problem is also increasing we may see many people suffering. COVID has not gone completely and a person having lungs problems gets Corona also his survival will be very difficult. So why to enhance the elements of risk. S we decided not to use firecrackers. Sweets will be made in the house and pooja will be performed in the house. New dresses will be purchased to my two granddaughters. I think all will follow the same.
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    What is you plan, Aayushi Pandey? We would like to hear that.

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    Aayushi Welcome to ISC. We know this Diwali is the Diwali of the Corona period, so take care of yourself and your family's health. Clean this Diwali this year, but the things that you use in everyday life, because there is not so much dust in them. At the same time, if you remove old things and clean them, then you will come in contact with dust, which can prove to be harmful to your health. Therefore, in the Corona era, the time is only to step up with understanding and awareness. I am also going to celebrate Diwali with my family by worshiping Lakshmi Devi as usual in a simple way. Wish you a Happy and Safe Diwali.
    Swati Sharma

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    Though shops are open and goodies are selling but the real excitement is not there and in all probability we will be holding the festival within the four walls of our houses avoiding mixing with the friends and relatives. One feels to enjoy the festival by mixing with others and having parties and fun but once this is started in a big way then the threat of virus spreading through socialising would again be there and it would be a bad situation that even after knowing the things we did not take precautions. I think we have to somehow control our feelings and isolate ourselves for a bigger cause.
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