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    With little insight, housewives can have a full command on the activities of household

    In every house, there are so many household activities in which the family members are involved but the major share of these activities are carried out or monitored by the housewife. She has a lot of responsibilities in this regard. An intelligent and well mannered housewife can manage and keep the house in a good order though she has to put up appropriate efforts to achieve that. If we see the housewife in accordance with our Indian concept and context then it is true that everything revolves around her and she not only knows the each and every aspect of housekeeping but also caters to the need of all the family members. Every member has some expectations from her and it is not easy to meet those varied expectations so easily. I think, we must appreciate the contribution of the housewife that in spite of so many ifs and buts and also so many expectations from the family members, she tries to make everyone happy and literally feel at home.

    With little insight and slightly more efforts, she can also influence the family members to adhere to the rules of the house and follow certain decorums and disciplines so that the convenience levels for everyone increases and the environment becomes more cordial and friendly. If she thinks and works towards such a goal, I strongly believe that she can command the activities of the house in a splendid manner making not only everyone feel contented and satisfied but feel pride that they are a part of the happy household. In essence, housewife has an important role to play and if she knows as how to perform her part in the family, everyone will like to be under her command and respect her.

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    True. A housewife can command the members of the family and can get the things done without displeasing any member of the family. It requires a little smartness and a little planning. She can plan her work in such a way that all the members of the family will cooperate with her. I have seen some such ladies. They command respect from all the members of the family and they will organise the house very efficiently without hurting any members. In fact, We can learn many management lessons from such housewife. A good submission from the author.
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    All the activities in a household are around the housewife. Everyone asks her something of one's interest and of course sometimes even demand some work from her. It is the courtesy or politeness of the housewives that they are trying to make everyone happy.
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    The author is absolutely right. The role of the housewife is very special. Being born as a woman puts the additional responsibility of wearing different masks at different stages of life and playing different roles. From a mother who gives birth to a child, a woman faces many challenges as a housewife doing many things at once. Of all these, her most powerful role is as a housewife. Commanding her family in such a way that a boss asks her team, yet the woman does not ask for anything in return. These dedicated family members should always be respected.
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    Being a housewife myself, I agree with the author's view wholeheartedly. Managing every chore in the household as well as taking care of each family member is a difficult task. In this condition, if the lady of the house remains caring and handles responsibilities a bit tactfully, then she can run her family well. It is how a homemaker gets the command of the house in her hand.

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    I read an interview of a European who has vast business empire more or less a decade ago, So I'm forgetting his name. He said,"to control thousands of employees, keep an eye on billions business transactions and manage All business establishments is easy for me but to control household is beyond my power. That job can be done by my wife." Fact is that only a lady can manage a house. How to run a family, how to perform all household and how to raise children and how to make peaceful, cooperative, and friendly environment within four walls with all other members of the family she can do much better than man.

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    The commands given to the family members at the right time and executed at the right time puts forth the real values of a housewife's managerial skills. This can be clearly noticed in family functions wherein the activities are carried out smoothly without any confusions. This tactics can be executed only when the housewife cares, respects individual thoughts of the family members during the normal days. So, the word command does seem to be apt in this situation, we can say it as collaborative skill.
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    Very true said by the author. Housewives job is very respectable wherein she has to take care each family member with respect and love. She not only manage the house but take care of each family member till last breath. Every family member have high expectation from her. Most of the housewives try to fulfil their need accordingly. She does a lot but in return, never demand anything. Obviously, she can command over the family.

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    There is no doubt to the post as we all live in a family where for each and everything, we need our mother or wife or our sister. They are the blessed angels in a family that make the four wall a home or a house. We all want our house to look good, clean, tidy and have a friendly or homely atmosphere which is well executed by the housewife or mother or to say the women in the family. There is no comparion that the house can be kept in their best shape only by them as they are blessed nurturer. They understand and cater to the need of every family member with a smile 24x7. They know nook and corner of the house, what is kept where from a pin to shoe ot broom to curtains, etc. Let us acknowledge their effort and try to lend our hand to make the house stay the same.
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