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    Can you predict how much would be your RSB for the month of October 2020?

    My dear fellow ISCian,
    An interesting thing to predict your own earning at ISC. You all are working hard at ISC. Finally, only 20 members become eligible to receive Revenue Share Bonus. The RSB earned for October 2020 will be announced on 30th November2020 by Mr. Timmy John.

    Today is the last day of October. The points earned so far will decide your position and the amount eligible as RSB.

    Can you predict what would be your RSB amount for the month of October? (The predicted RSB could be plus or minus Rs. 10/-)

    Come On! Start working on it. Post your response in the following format.

    1. Are you eligible for RSB for October 2020? Say yes or no.
    2. If eligible, what would be your position among top 20?
    3. What is the RSB amount predicted by you?
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    I don't know what are the eligibility criteria for getting RSB as I don't get any amount like other members who are awarded every month. Will you explain it, please.

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    This is a interesting question posed by the author. We are alone responsible for earning the RSB and for that from the day one of the month the work should begin with right earnest. For the month of October my total points earned in the forum posts and responses works out to roughly 1840 points and if we remove the awarded points of contests and rewards, it may works out to 1750 points in total approximately and if rejections of old threads happens to be irrelevant as per ISC , let us remove another 50 points and thus my total RSB would be for 1700 points and I must be getting around 800 to 850 as my RSB for the Oct 2020 and this is my rough calculations.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is an interesting post raised by the author and if one keeps similar activity which one has in the last few months then it is obvious that quantum of RSB will also be near the average which one is receiving for last few months. It also depends on the activities of the other members as happened during the last 'Post a forum each day for 15 days' contest that attracted many members for contributing and then most of them who participated in that got the RSB and some other members were left behind. So taking an average of only last few months and believing that I would be able to maintain my activity (as chances of increasing more than the present do not seem feasible for me), I can say that my RSB figure for the month October could be around 550 but it could be anything from 400 to 700 if I see my RSB trend for the last one year. So for guessing purposes I would say that it will be around 550 only.
    Knowledge is power.

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    My prediction about the above three members RSB for October 2020

    Arafatuzzafar - No RSB
    Mohan - Rs. 940 /-approx
    Umesh - Rs. 700/- approx

    Just note this amount and keep it for comparing it when RSB would be announced on 30th November 2020 to prove my prediction.

    No life without Sun

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    Just tell me on what basis you made the prediction of rupees 940 which may not be true and what I predicted as 800 to 850 seems to be reality with logic calculations.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    You need to wait till 30th November to know the accuracy of my prediction. The secret of my prediction won't be disclosed now. Though there is nothing secret in it, it is a secret to the unknown.

    No life without Sun

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    I am not eligible for RSB for October as my points are very low due to less activity.

    One can know whether one will be in the top twenty by checking one's own points and activity.
    Regarding the amount of RSB it depends not just on one's points alone. For this one may have to wait for some more days to be more clear. Once in a while there can be some error in expectation especially when you are the last few positions.
    SuN probably has more experience in this regard from the observations and inferences he has arrived at from so many months of experience. So he may be confident of his prediction. Umesh and Mohan are also justified in their own method of expectation.

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    @SuN: Will you explain how this RSB system works.

    Perhaps it's based on total points earned in a month. Ain't it?

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    I would simply say that ISC has Rs. 10,000/- (every month) to be shared by the members who reach the Top Twenty score list as per their point scored. This is what RSB. Nothing more can be said now.

    Let this be a Quiz for ISCians.

    No life without Sun

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    @SuN: Thanks a lot for this information. But you have not clarified some more pointsrelated to this issue and perhaps you want other members to answer further. Let's see.

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    My participation in the month of October is minimal, hence my name will be out of RSB list. I have a crucial time in adjusting myself with the changing responsibilities and as well undergoing training from experts like a few ISC'ians here. I am not in track for October 2020, hope to cope up in the coming months ahead.
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    Sun has given a very interesting clue that Rs 10000 is distributed as RSB every month. This could be correct also but generally any payment in the nature of a bonus should vary from month to month. Anyway, we are not the experts in that line as what is the methodology of arriving at RSB but taking the meaning of clue from what Sun has indicated, I would simply use a basic Mathematics method in which if we know what is the total of the points earned by top 20 members (say 24000) for any particular month and then what are my points (say 1200) during the same month then my share of RSB becomes = Rs 10000 x 1200 / 24000 = Rs 500. This fits pretty well and prima facie we can go by the data for RSB given by Sun.
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    Arafatuzzafar, please refer to the responses to this thread for clarification of your doubt.
    'Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.' -Anonymous

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    How many points you have scored during the month and out of this how many you have scored from the resource section is very important for achieving the Revenue share bonus. Members who contributed more in the Resources section will get more money than the members who scored more points in other sections. If you see the top scorers on-page the members who are there on the list of top scorers during that month will have more chances to get the revenue share bonus. If a member scored X points in the Resources section and Y points in other sections his total points for calculating the RSB will be 2x + Y. Top 20 scores will get the Revenue share bonus. A sum of Rs.10.000/- will be distributed every month to the20 top scoring members and the amount will be distributed in the ratio of the points they scored.
    We can predict whether we will get RSB or not and also roughly the amount also by seeing scores by the top 20 members.

    always confident

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    Mr. Rao,
    I would appreciate if you can predict your own RSB for the month of October 2020 than writing a lengthy response.

    No life without Sun

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    @Saji Ganesh:
    Thanks for your response. You have clarified this issue.

    Now, I will also try to be among them.

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