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    Command with a smile and pleasing tone that makes others to obey sincerely.

    Command is a serious word and most people do not like to be commanded.The tone of the command matters a lot. But when we command, if we could command with a smiling face, it would yield positive result. Such command should be an order with a different tone and a smile in face.

    Command with a smile and soft tone brings happiness and positive results to the commander and the follower. Command with a rough tone and serious face may not.

    Always command happily.
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    Whenever we direct or command people to do something, they may follow our orders but many times the tone or the way in which we make our command may affect the person in different ways depending on his or her tolerance level. The author has rightly said that we should be polite and well mannered with a smiling look while ordering or directing our subordinates or other related persons. Our gestures and expressions are always very important especially when we are communicating with others so we have to be very cautious and alert in these things as not to hurt anyone even unintentionally.
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    That was the pleasing post from the author connecting to the tow topic as the commanding posture with pleasing smile and subtle voice would always make even the enemy to listen and budge. In a class when there are many kinds of students, the teacher would use this technique by pleasing smile and sober voice so that even the stubborn student would succumb to her requests. Nothing in this world can be achieved with authoritative approach when the other person is also having the same technique to overthrow us. Therefore be calm, pleasing and command the orders through most acceptable manners and with great smile.
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    One need not raise his voice and shout, he can manage with his word power politely. You need not shout. A tree will grow when rain gives water to it. It will never go by hearing the voice of thunders. Similarly, if you can convey the message correctly the persons will follow the right path. But if you shout on them, they pretend as if they are working and try to bring something or other and see that the work will not be completed. Even though you have the power to command try to be as pleasant as possible and use polished words so that the others will follow your command properly.
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    A smile and command may go hand in hand when put in the correct way. One may have the power to command depending upon the position he holds but a smile on his/her face may give a relaxing feeling to the receiver. It is right that the commanding person may not know how it feels to get orders but when they are at the receiving end, they may know the pain. When a person in power holds up a smile on his/her face gives a command, it may have the same power on the receiver but the impact may be less as it releases the pressure through just one smile. So always command happily with a smile.
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    This will work only if those commanded are also good, understanding and readily obeying people.

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    People who are on a higher level can command on the people below them. That is the way how a system works. There is nothing surprising or amusing in that. What matters sometimes is the way the command is executed. A rough and tough command might hurt a sensitive person and though he will bow to the commander or his boss, he would be doing it with heavy heart. So a good boss will try to tell things in a cordial and friendly way so that the worker is kept in good spirits. It is said that a good boss is one who can get the work done by the worker in a friendly and affectionate manner rather than banging the employee even for a small thing.
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    The commander or the boss who has given a command with a smile and soft tone should also pat and appreciate after the command has been duly obeyed and executed. If done, his future command would be easily executed.
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