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    Command of language vs command language

    When we hear the word command it immediately brings to our mind something related to the military. We are familiar with the words Commander, Commander-in-Chief etc. Next in the familiarity sequence is the relationship of command and demand. This is highlighted in many threads in this forum in this TOW contest itself.

    In the Indian political scene, we are very familiar with the oft used 'High-Command'.
    However command is also used in the sense of mastery especially in relation to a language. As example we hear, 'He has a good command of English language". Learners often get confused on the preposition to be used in this regard. Whether it is command on/in/over/of. Once a person gains proper command by learning grammar rules, the confusion ends.

    But in modern days we use (especially the compu-techies use) 'command language". It is not a special language or group of words used by commanders.

    Wikipedia defines command language as "A command language is a language for job control in computing.[1] It is a domain-specific and interpreted language; common examples of a command language are shell or batch programming languages."

    The Webopedia defines command language as "The programming language through which a user communicates with the operating system or an application. For example, the DOS command language includes the commands DIR, COPY, and DEL, to name a few. The part of an operating system that responds to operating system commands is called the command processor."

    I presume that after reading this note at least a few will be yearning to learn a command language or get a good command of a language.

    (This is an entry for theTOW contest)
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    This is an interesting write up and has illustrated the many meanings of the word command. While learning DOS system we had some exposure and experience of DOS command which we use even on today to see some functions and details of the computer system.
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    For the first time the author has brought in a unique blend of content connecting to tow topic with command of language with commanding language. The commands in military are the same and those who are in NCC in their school and colleges are accustomed to the military command. Whereas the command of language is the something referred as the master of the language. Some may be master in English, or their mother tongue and they are flawless in writing and speaking the language connecting to past and present evens. Such people are really gifted and they are oratory in nature.
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    True. When we hear the word Command our mind automatically goes to the military. Commanding the actions in the military is very important. There should be a set of rules and regulations and people should not cross their boundaries and who has to command is very clear there. The commands we have to give on a computer for getting certain work done are very well defined and when we use those commands only the computer will work the way it has to work. A good write up from the author and he tried to analyse the usage of Command word in different situations. A nice presentation.
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    Very good comparision fo the TOW word and the writer has come up with good post showing the difference between Command of language and command language. It is very true that when we normally hear or read the word command, our mind automatically takes its route to military, army or navy but as many have come up with some good write up about command that touches upper heirchy, politicians, family member, leaders, institutions, passion, self help, technology or computer, etc. For many who are working in the software or IT department or company, they may also relate the word with their work which is the second part or the comparion from the writer. Many of us have learned DOS and know the DOS prompt which executes the command or programe that is fed to it by the programmer. Let us also try toatleast learn a command language or get a good command of a language after reading this post from the writer.
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