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    Was Alexander the Great really great to appreciate?

    In History, we have studied about Alexander the Great, the King of Macedonia. He died before his 40. Was he really great to call him as Alexander the Great? What has he done for himself, his countrymen or for his country or for humanity?

    Can history experts at ISC discuss about this man who only spent his time in battlefields and died at younger age?
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    Alexander conquered a large part of the world, it could be the reason for his greatness as a conquerer, I'm not sure. Bottom line is that he was great because historians declared him great.

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    If you mean great as a conqueror from European continent then yes, he is one of the greatest military generals in history. The area this man brought under the control of the Grecian empire was remarkable. He also established many cities and towns along the way, many of which are today global cities of great repute. But do you know a small secret of this man he was trying to copy another ancestor of our human race known to history as Cyrus the Great. He is collectively the founder of the Persian Empire and the first to establish the charter of human rights. You can judge who was greater by yourself now.

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    In those days who ever had the power to boss on others and conquer the lands are considered the King of Kings and surely Alexander has excelled in that process and created the name for himself. He was conquering one country after the other through his force and strength and those are weak succumbed to his feet like pack of cards. In those days he was intelligent enough to know the weakness of several towns and cities and which were never developed and thus tried his upper hand in ruling the same merely with his strength and autocratic way of approach. What I could understand that he was about to conquer the whole India but by that time his mother was not feeling well and she actually warned him not to invade India and that has happened and she eventually died without seeing him coming alive.
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    Alexander ruled an expansive empire at his 25th year, Alexander conquered Egypt and founded a city at the mouth of the Nile River. He named the city of Alexandria. He came to India and tried his best to conquer this country also. He had a war with Purushottam and almost lost his life in that war. But Purushottam left him without hurting him.
    Alexander's father united the Greek city-states. Alexander further went ahead destroyed the Persian Empire forever. Alexander's conquests spread greek culture across his empire. Alexander's rule marked the beginning of a new era. It is known as the Hellenistic Age.
    He had a very bad temper. He murdered his close advisors and friends.
    He slaughtered many from his side without any reason at the end of wars.
    Maybe because of ruling a big kingdom at a very young age, he has become Great.

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