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    Dream college club of creative excellence

    Long long back, when I joined college, then at that time, there was no club/society as it is now in most of the colleges. Though my college was one of the top colleges in the city and organized many activities, still club culture was missing. At present, when I learn about the various clubs of different colleges, then I realize what an exciting and creative option the students of my time missed to showcase their talent.

    I was wondering one day that suppose the club culture had been present during my time then I would have joined the one that encouraged to highlight a creative talent. A club named Creative Excellence Club (CEC) would have been my choicest club. CEC must have had some sub-groups like creative writing, dress designing, jewellery designing, and card making, within its ambit. All the sub-groups have one thing in common that is creating something new from scratch. I kept on thinking about how to manage all the sub-groups of the CEC. Gradually, I could frame out how to make the club thriving.

    Well, I had many batchmates who were creatively talented, and I remember we used to discuss writing poems and prose pieces. I would have requested Rashmi Sinha to look after the creative writing sub-group. She had an extreme knack of writing impressive write-ups in both the languages, English and Hindi. Another batchmate Sujata Mathur was a budding dress designer. She used to design her dresses from a very early age, so she would have made the best person to manage the dress designing sub-group. There was Ruby Sinha, who was very good at art. On any topic, she always came up with unique posters, and making attractive cards on any occasion was her hobby and passion both. A student, Seema Gandhi, was there who always wore matching costume jewellery and used to make the ornaments herself. She even had a group of friends who were passionate about making costume jewellery.

    I thought about the leads of the sub-groups but wanted another girl student who could have been a suitable person to manage the entire CEC. Oh! Yes, how did I forget Mitali Kaur, who was an all-round package? She would have been the right choice. Later, I decided to talk to all the selected batchmates, and they readily agreed. We met our Sister Principal to discuss the proposal, and after listening to us in details, she gave her nod to go ahead. Sister suggested us to involve two or three professors and suggested their names. We met the teachers accordingly, and without any hesitation, all the three professors agreed and decided to work in co-ordination with the students.

    CEC became successful within a month. Our proposal to go to neighbourhood slums and make the slum-dwellers learn creative work to earn from it became superhit. It was a work for a social cause from our end, which made our college proud of us. Like this, we had many active proposals to support ourselves as well as a society too. Although in reality, I didn't have any club in my college days, the ideas that clicked my mind now made me feel ecstatic. It seems like a dream come true.

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    Normally we came across college clubs for particular reason and they thrived on their motto but what the author has shared was something different that a dream club to nurture the creative writing spirit in the students, the dream club in creating the best fashion design, jewel designs and even card making is the universal appeal approach and sure every student would have taken interest in a matter or the other. Before leaving the college this dream club should have become handy for the first hand experience on probable work vacancies on the above said matters through which one can build he career.
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    Very nice narration and the idea of forming a club to make the people aware for their social state and teaching them ways to live in a congenial ways and earn money through those initiatives is something very extraordinary in its nature. Students are generally fun loving and will not take interest in social or lifting up of the downtrodden but this particular club made it to happen.
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    A club with a service motto in mind is a very good idea. Motivating and diverting the youth power to constructive work in society and for welfare of the poor is something which is more than a noble effort.
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    A good idea of a creative college club. Student forming clubs and taking service activity as a part of their activity is a good idea. Such students will develop a sense of serving the people and they may serve the society even after leaving college through NGOs and other organisations.
    My daughter in law during her post-graduation course in a pharmacy joined one such club and she used to go for helping the blind students in writing their examinations. After completing the course she joined an NGO and continues that activity. The seed for service activity is started during her college studies only.
    Such type of clubs should be encouraged in all college so that students will understand the need for serving people who are really in need and not able to lead a normal life.

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