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    Command your passion to live a deserving life

    It is common thinking that to achieve something, you must be passionate. And then only you will get whatever you want. But, is it right to be passionate, so much every time and for everything? I think it should not be like that. Commanding your passion is necessary. Following your passion is good but commanding yourself and your passion are also very important because if you have some target and you are passionate about it, then you shouldn't chase your passion without thinking and understand it. Hence, one should decide their targets and have a passion for it. But a command must be there over their passion, so he/she will not be anxious in case of any failure and will not get hurt. Besides, there are so many things on which one should have a command, as if anybody is driving there must be the command over speed. If anybody is talking, there must be the command over the tongue. Likewise, a command must be there on other things as well. It is required that one should command his/her passion in such a manner, so he/she can live his/her life fulfilled and made it deserving.

    We all in our life meet the people, who command their boldness and represent themselves with confidence and politeness. It was not just their passion which gave them success, but it was their commanding power on each and everything to reach every heart. They have commanded not only their passion but all other activities as well. That's why they got success. We can also get success following our passion in a commanding way. So, if you have some targets, be passionate, but command your passion to live a deserving life.

    Entry for Topic based TOW contest for Oct '20 month end- Topic- 'Command'
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    Nice thread from the author. Commanding our passion to live a deserving life is purely lies on our hand and no one to advise nor guide. We are the sole responsible person for the destiny being wrote when it comes to taking the decisions pertaining to our life. We only know the pros and cons of the life and its existence, therefore we are the better judge to take fast decisions so that the success bus should not be missed. The commanding power to guide our passion towards achieving goals comes with the wisdom drawn from our past knowledge and also moving with the peer group. Loose talks, taking slow decision, not adhering to the rules of the problem are some of the traits we normally miss and if we guide ourselves with passion to live a grandeur life then none would be stopping us to achieve that great success.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    duplicate post
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One should have command on themselves. Then only one will be respected and loved by one and all. We are all human beings and we will have some passion. But it should not go beyond control and one should be able to have a command on his passion. Then only one will get the respect of other people. When we have command on our own behaviour we can attain the goals without compromising on the values and ethics of life. By hurting others and deceiving others if we feel we are successful, we are in the wrong path.
    A nice narration from the author.

    always confident

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    It is said that a person can perform very well in the area where he has a passion. So, most of the people try to have a career line which is commensurate to their liking and interest. But commanding one's passion to get success and achieve the desired results is something which is required otherwise simply having passion would not suffice. A nice narration by the author on commanding one's passion.
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    The author said right, passion is necessary to achieve something in life, and only then we will get the success that we want. Many times people become passionate but cannot achieve their objective because they are not able to follow the rules or ideas they have created. Discipline is important in life when we are able to commend ourselves. When everyone takes control over others with some effort, then why not themselves. The truth is that if you want to make your life a deserving life, then command over yourself is a very important aspect.
    Swati Sharma

    Keep your Face to the SunShine

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    As the writer has put on this thread that we should be able to command our passion so as to acheive the heights that one needs to reach. When we have passion in ourself for a thing, we will try to acheive it through our hardwork and will be dedicated towards it without any external force.

    The writer has also mentioned that anyone who is driving must have command over his/her speed. If anybody is talking, there must be the command over the tongue in the same way, any person who is ordering need to have command over his decision, a programmer should have command over his programming language, a dancer on his moves, a singer on their voice, a nation on its relation with other countries, etc.

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