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    Command controls every institution

    The command word is used for strict behaviour. It is a necessary action for controlling every kind of institution whether the family institution or educational institution. Without it, every institution would be out of control. Our family member is well mannered and disciplined because of good command by the head of the family. Not only in the family but the same situation can be seen in school also. The school run smoothly as principal have good command over the teacher and other staff. Moreover, our Indian army are known for bravery and dedication as good commander by the army chief. So, the command makes us perfect for taking up a life challenge.

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    The commands are nothing but the set rules to be followed by any office or the institutions irrespective of the post or the persons and they have to abide by the rules and there cannot be second thoughts on that. Suppose there is a rule of three late coming becomes the half day leave for office or even the school teacher that rule has to be followed as it has become the doctrine or the law or the command. If someone says that it cannot be followed and how come few minutes late could take the toll of half day leave is nothing but strict implementing rule ways so that fear among the employee should register. The commands are made by the expert committees after going through the causes, advantages and disadvantages and then becomes the rule and therefore cannot even be questioned in the court of law.
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    Discipline is required in any institution for its proper functioning of the same. How you ensure discipline is an important point. There are many ways to bring in discipline and commanding the things by the boss is one of the methods for enforcing discipline. The Commander in Chief will control the whole proceedings of his institution. He will be respected by all if he leads the team from the front. He need not be a dictator always. There will be some dos and don'ts and each member of the organisation has to follow them. If the boss follows all these without fail, all others will follow.
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    It is very true that a good degree of command and direction is required for running any organisation and institute. That is why a capable person is required at the helm of the affairs. The selection of the top position in any organisation is a crucial decision and the management takes time in selecting a right candidate for it. This is the only controlling factor that people fear and remain alert in their work places.
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    We indians have set rules and regulations that we follow in our family. Be it Hindu, Muslims or Christians, every religion and the people have their own set of customs and tradition that they follow. The set of customs and tradition of the same religion may differ slightly from east to west or north to south but has its base to our ancestors who have made it and followed it and even passed it to the next generation. The head of the family are the one that safeguard the customs and tradition of the family and looks to it that is is learned and followed by every member of the family.

    Now, when we come to institutions and companies, they have a set of rules and regulations framed by the company that needs to be followed by every employees and management people. It covers every aspects i.e. salary/wages, working hours, bonuses, promotions, vacation, Allowances, leaves, recruitments, cleaniness, action against wrong doers, etc. Every one needs to read, understand, agree and follow it for the month running of the institutions and companies.

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