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    Disclaimer doesn't absolve you of all the responsibilities.

    We come across disclaimers on websites, movies, web series, and other places. Disclaimer as per dictionary means a denial or disavowal of legal action.

    Now in the case of websites we see a disclaimer that they are not responsible in case you rely upon the contents published on the site. They float a disclaimer that the opinion and views expressed are solely of the individual author and the website shall not be held responsible in case of any loss or hurt while relying on the contents/statement/advice/opinion, etc.

    In the case of movies and web series too, they float a disclaimer and deny all the legal claims if any that may arise in the future.
    They state that any person living or dead or anything similar to a living person is just a coincidence and they must not be held responsible for any loss of reputation or any kind of loss due to the content they are presenting.

    If the Websites, Producers, Company who are presenting such content to the public in general and are thereby spreading a form of information or entertainment which will affect the masses in general and also, in turn, benefit them. They will be earning from these contents but when it comes to taking responsibility in case of something negative they take the help of a disclaimer.

    When one produces a movie or web series, then a lot of research is also done even before the same takes the final form. They pick up stories from some popular incidents or crime or personal lives of people and then deliberately make changes as well as distort facts in the name of creative liberty.
    Now after the content or movie comes out in public and if there is an objection to it then they cry that unnecessary issues are created and their creative liberty is getting restricted.

    How can they shy away from responsibility just by floating a statement and do anything in its cover? If you are benefitting from it then you should also be responsible for it.

    Disclaimer is nothing but a means to shy away from responsibility and cries foul when caught red-handed. The cause-and-effect relationship is universal and one cannot shy away from it in form of a disclaimer.

    What opinion members have to this term "Disclaimer"?
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    What I feel that when ever we appear in public or the write ups appear in the public domain, the individual and the organization to which they represent do have the responsibility to own the claim. Though it is written that the contents are no where connected to them or their activities and purely the creation of the author , but the author does belong to the organization or the company which hoists the matter on the web and thus technically they are responsible for the claim. However people are not going that far and they are clarifying with mails and personal messages and even the sorry post for the inadvertent content is also accepted.
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    True. The disclaimer does not absolve all from their responsibility. But disclaimer saves them from misinterpretations and misdoings. Some people try to do something based on the information they get from somewhere and in case of any failure they try to blame the source from where they got the information. The problem might have raised due to some improper understanding of the information but they will try to tease the source. To avoid problems from such fronts they use these disclaimers.
    We will be seeing some special actions carried by some skilled persons and when somebody sees the same and try to duplicate the same without understanding the method properly, they may get hurt and they try to blame the person who did it. To avoid such situations these disclaimers will come in handy. These are all precautions to avoid legal proceedings which will be time-consuming and wastage of money.

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