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    Hurting religious sentiments of a certain community, is it freedom of speech?

    Dear members, a certain school teacher was brutally murdered by a person who claimed that the said teacher had hurt the religious sentiments of a certain community by showing inappropriate depiction of a religious figure. I agree that this was an extreme response to a certain action. But do you think that freedom of speech justifies that anyone can make fun of anyone's belief system or his/her own interpretations of a certain truth. In short where do you think should the lines be drawn.
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    For that matter none of us are authorized or allowed to hurt the sentiments of any religion, person or their faith. If India is famous and going because we respect and regard all the religions with equal importance and who ever show the disagreement or would not show the faith are fixed by the law. But unfortunately the above incident happened in a country which is most famous for fashion and they do not respect other religions because yesterday statement from the head of the govt proves that they are not ready for any compromise on the matter and the matter is spreading to other countries and cities wherein the whole some support is being sought to ban the produce and products of that country. One should not earn the wrath of public outrage on the sentiments issues and the that country has erred.
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    Our freedom should not hurt others. Otherwise, there will be no peace in the world. You have freedom/ Same is the case with the other person. He is also having freedom. None should bite into the freedom of others. There are some guidelines and one should conduct himself within those borders and should not overrule. Otherwise, problems will arise.
    But in this case, mentioned by the author. I don't know the teacher did anything severe to get such a punishment. He might not have displeased a section of the students of his class. He might have avoided bringing religion in his class. Why he allowed a section of the class to go out if they don't like to see what the teacher is showing to explain the subject to the students? He might have avoided bringing religion in his teaching. That way he might have avoided the student's anguish. But the punishment given to him is serious and not justifiable.

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    Freedom of speech does not mean that we speak whatever we want. We should never hurt the sentiments of other communities. At the same time other communities should also not hurt us. So there should be an equal punishment for this for whoever errs in this aspect. Also, no one should take law in one's own hand. If someone does it then it simply means that there is an anarchy in that society or country and some serious thoughts are to be given to correct that situation. It is the duty of the governing council to take a stock of this situation and announce measures to severely punish such people who abuse the freedom of speech as well as take law in their hands. Both are equally guilty and punishment should be similar. If a Govt tolerates these things then these offences would eventually turn into an avalanche of misdeeds and none will be able to stop the destruction caused in the aftermath of these provocations.
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    The right to speak has been given by the constitution so that people can put their views in front of the society, but this idea should not be such that the purpose of showing below a particular person or community or religion, etc. . There is no complete information about what the teacher said in the case you talked about, but still killing a person for any major thing is completely wrong. Just as we have got the freedom to speak, in the same way, some limitations have been made by the court, and citizens of the country should also follow the rules along with the rights. It was a sad incident that a teacher was murdered in this way.
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