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    We are falling short of totality in approach and thus face failures

    For any solution to the problem the approach should be per-decided with good planning and above all the totality in approach that should define our goal and the ultimate commitment. Though our thought process may be new, rewarding and has all the ingredients of achieving the success, but the very fact that if it lacks the possible niche of good approach in totality nothing can be even started the way we thought. So next time when you are planning something big, chart out the strategies through which the goal be systematically achieved.
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    A good thought by the author. Planning a task requires to consider all the pros and cons of it. A project is to be considered from all the angles and one has to find all the loop holes and drawbacks expected during the execution. When we consider from all the angles, the chances of failures are less. Taking up a project in haste without sufficient homework is a risky proposition.
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    That is correct. When you don't know the issue completely, how can you make the plan to attain success? Many failures we see are mainly due to not having complete information or ignoring some facts. When we plan we should not ignore any small detail also and we should keep all points in mind when we plan it.
    Sometimes, I observed some people telling that let us not worry about that now, we will see when the problem arises. This approach is not the correct approach. Viewing the possible problem areas and taking the required precautions is the best approach. When you read a sentence if you don't understand the meaning of a word, you should not ignore that word. You should refer the dictionary, see the meaning and then only you can get the correct meaning of the sentence.
    Earlier days doctors used to interact with the patients and get all the information and try to diagnose the root cause and prescribe the medicines. But some doctors without diagnosing the problem correctly try to treat based on the symptoms which is not a correct approach.

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    In order to get success in any task, we need to have the proper feed back of all the relevant informations and on that basis we proceed. Any failure in extracting the the connecting issues with the assignment would lead to failure of such a job.
    However, while going to the chamber of a Physcian, it is seen that he is in a hurry to handle the patients in a shortest possible time so that the entire rush outside his chamber can be tackled. Naturally he ignores the complaint made by the patient and before the patient finishes his statement relating to his health issues, the Physcian might have prescribed medicines. Without the proper diagnosis, how can the issues of the patient be resolved?
    So is the case with the operational jobs, before carrying out such jobs the health of the crane needs to be examined so that the efficiency of crane does not drop while doing the operational job. Any failure in tracking the failure of the crane may cause severe breakdown resulting in delayed completion of targets.
    Hence in all the cases, feedback of the different resources is essential to execute the job.

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