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    You can find happiness when you real want it.

    It is the right of every person who has come into this world to be happy, but we have made our own lives in such a way that happiness seems very far away. We have made ourselves like this in this running and running life that even after thinking and doing a lot to get happiness, it is not possible. By the way, it is not so hard to find happiness as we feel. Happiness is all around you, the need is just to recognize them and adopt them. If happiness does not come to you, then you can go to happiness.
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    It is for us to be happy or not in whatever state and status we are, generally. But to be always happy is not easy nor possible. It needs conscious cultivation ,training and practice to show equanimity and poise in unhappy or difficult situation and put up a happy face. Those who are real fatalists( putting everything on fate or God's design) may be able to be so.

    Except for some extreme situations(God forbid that) we can remain happy if we really intent to be so.

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    Happiness comes from within. No one would be interested how you want to be sad or otherwise. In that situation, you have to control your emotions. Negativity sets in thinking the bad events but it hardly matters for you if you have outperformed in some jobs. You don't think for that though you have put your dedicated efforts in making your task extraordinary.
    The best way would be to adopt the balanced situation. Both the extremes are to be avoided such as depression due to failure or over excitement for the success. Though it may appear difficult initially but with a little practice balance of mood is achievable.

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    It's interesting when you said 'If happiness does not come to you, then you can go to happiness'. The thing is happiness is not a right guaranteed by our constitution but a state of mind. It's up to you whether you want to remain happy or not. The problem with most of us is this particular state of mind depends on some conditions. If those conditions are met we remain happy and if not we remain unhappy. We may try a lot but many things external or internal influence our thought process and that decides our state of mind. If we can train our mind in such a way that the mind will not be influenced in any situation then we can remain happy always but that's really tough.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Happiness is not kind of a thing which can be purchased from market. Happiness is something unique which comes from within. It's wished. It's sought. It's discovered. Happiness makes this life beautiful. We don't need to run here and there to find happiness. It's scattered all around us. We need to be sensitive. And the best ways to feel happiness is that Spread happiness among others. Help a person who needs your help, feed a hungry man and all such similar acts gives happiness in return.

    Tension, depression, sadness, jealousy, grudge, hatred and all ill feelings are enemies of happiness. Never invite them to befriend with you. All these ill things destroy happiness. Real happiness is got when you have peace of mind. We should embrace positive thinking and stay away from negative thinking. They play a big role in our lives.

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    The best way to get happiness is try to speak to a kid below five years within your family or you can watch the videos related to the activities of this age group kids. This method gives immense relief. One more step which can be easily adopted is, try to make a call to your near and dear ones. This brings a sense of change in routine, a free mind to relax.
    I agree with the members suggestions on positive thinking which keeps oneself away from an unhappy mind. It is also possible to recall your days when you were at the peak of enjoyment. Be happy always.

    Lead the leader

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    Happiness is a state of mind and happiness comes to you when you have satisfaction and peace of mind. As the desires increase, the struggle for fulfilling those desires will increase and you will never have peace of mind and this milk take away happiness from you.
    I have to have a sweet dish in my lunch but I couldn't. So you will start thinking about why I couldn't have sweets at lunch. Where did a do a mistake and how can I get it? Your thoughts will be around that only. If you have no wish to eat sweets. You had your lunch and you are not feeling hungry and no ill feelings. You are happy.
    Try to be happy with whatever you have and try to see the people who are suffering more than you and thank God for all whatever HE has given to you and thank him for the same. That will give you happiness.

    always confident

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